NGFW Models

Next-Generation Firewalls

Designed for security, availability and efficiency.

Every NGFW model is packed with

  • Centralized management everywhere - data centers, at the edge, in branch offices and the cloud
  • Extensive security built in VPN, IPS, anti-evasion, encrypted inspection, SD-WAN and even mission-critical application proxies. (No additional licenses or installation required.)
  • Designed for the most rigorous networks (see Certifications).
  • Upgrade without downtime.
  • Most models are reconfigurable and give a longer lifetime than single-purpose devices.

Compare NGFW models side by side.

3400 Series

  • Ideal for campus networks and data centers
  • Up to 67 interfaces
  • Firewall throughput 200-300 Gbps
  • IPS & NGFW throughput 15-35 Gbps
  • (specifications)

2200 Series

  • Ideal for mid-size and large offices
  • Up to 25 interfaces
  • Firewall throughput up to 120 Gbps
  • IPS & NGFW throughput up to 13.5 Gbps
  • (specifications)

1200 Series

  • Ideal for mid-size and large offices
  • Up to 17 interfaces
  • Firewall throughput up to 65 Gbps
  • IPS & NGFW throughput up to 5 Gbps
  • (specifications)

350 Series

  • Ideal for remote sites and branch offices (desktop design)
  • 13 interfaces
  • Firewall throughput 40Gbps
  • IPS & NGFW throughput 2.0 Gbps (N352) 4.1Gbps (N355)
  • (specifications)

120 Series

  • Ideal for stores and branch offices
  • Up to 8 interfaces
  • Firewall throughput 4 Gbps
  • IPS & NGFW throughput 450 Mbps
  • (specifications)

60 Series

  • Ideal for remote offices, branches and stores
  • Up to 4 interfaces
  • Firewall throughput 2 Gbps
  • IPS & NGFW throughput 350 Mbps
  • (specifications)

Modular Network Interfaces

Forcepoint rack-mounted NGFWs as well as the desktop NGFW 325 and NGFW 115 accept a range of extensible network interfaces (including bypass modules that are often used with IPS), providing flexibility and adaptability to new network infrastructure. See Module Specifications for details.

Firewall throughput based on UDP 1518 bytes; NGFW throughput based on HTTP 64k bytes

Cloud Images

  • Unified Forcepoint NGFW software
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft Azure Solutions
  • Secures both north-south communication in/out of cloud and SDN east-west traffic

Virtual Appliances

  • Unified Forcepoint NGFW software
  • Available for KVM and VMware ESXi and NSX
  • Scales to 64 CPUs
  • Automates network microsegmentation
  • Can be clustered with physical firewalls
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