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I-Series Appliance

Cloud-Intelligent Appliance Provides Localized Control for Forcepoint Web Security Cloud Deployments

The Forcepoint i500 and i500v appliances complement Forcepoint Web Security deployment by adding flexibility and control over Web traffic flow for analysis, improving traffic speed in bottleneck locations and adding application and protocol control. Appliances can be deployed in select locations throughout a network to enhance traffic flow, user experience and policy enforcement.

I-Series Benefits:

  • Deployed in conjunction with the Forcepoint Web Security, the i500 and i500v appliances serve as your “cloud on-ramp,” giving you greater control over which traffic gets sent to the cloud for analysis.
  • Benign Web requests go “direct-to-net” for optimal performance and user experience, while suspicious requests or requests which need real-time content classification (e.g., Facebook) are sent to real-time cloud defenses for optimal protection.
  • Network Agent, included in both appliances, adds full-port monitoring capabilities to Forcepoint Web Security and the Forcepoint Cloud Web Platform deployments.
  • Network Agent enables monitoring of traffic outside of proxy analysis, and provides controls for hundreds of applications and protocols.
  • Forcepoint Web Security solutions are powered by Forcepoint Advanced Classification Engine (ACE), which provides real-time protection by using eight defense assessment areas with over 10,000 analytics.
  • ACE analytics are derived from the Forcepoint ThreatSeeker Intelligence, which receives up to 5 billion endpoints daily from over 155 countries, resulting in threat intelligence that is applied in real-time by over 10,000+ analytics to stop threats across the threat lifecycle.

For more details, download the I-Series datasheet.