June 13, 2018

2018 Forcepoint Solution Experience Day India

Vinny Sharma

Over the past few weeks, the Forcepoint team in India conducted its second annual flagship cybersecurity event series, Forcepoint Solution Experience Day, in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Delhi. The series received an overwhelming response in all three cities with more than 600 cybersecurity professionals gathering to hear IT industry leaders, security experts and senior Forcepoint executives on the latest cybersecurity trends and how Forcepoint’s human-centric approach helps in addressing the pressing cybersecurity concerns.

Titled “Security 360,” the events focused on how cybersecurity can empower organisations to accelerate their digital transformation and lower risk. We had a great mix of customers from enterprises as well as mid-size organisations, representing industries including automotive, healthcare, e-commerce, financial services, consumer durables, IT/ ITES, and the central and state government organisations.

The events included keynote sessions, customer panel discussions, Forcepoint speakers’ presentations and provided ample opportunities to network. Each event also had a Forcepoint demo zone, providing customers a hands-on experience of Forcepoint’s Human Point System including DLP, UEBA, cloud security, network security, and web and email security.

Sanjay Sahay delivered the keynote in Bengaluru. He spoke on “Present Trends in Cybersecurity," urging cybersecurity professionals to expand their learning curve. He gave real-life examples like the Stuxnet computer worm and how it was delivered by infecting a simple USB flash drive to the target environment. He further shared his perspective on cloud, suggesting that today most of the organisations from pacemakers to nuclear power plants are using the cloud, so cloud security is vital. Vijay Ramachandran delivered the keynote session in Mumbai and Delhi. His talk focused on “Six Rules of Digital Security," explaining how enterprises can adopt a balanced approach to be effective in today’s digital world. He further shared a research finding that highlighted 57% of breaches are caused by insiders and it takes on an average 412 days for IT security teams to detect a breach.

The customer panel discussions had CIOs and CISOs of leading Indian organisations from Tata Motors, HDFC Bank, and Concentrix sharing their experience of managing threats in the changing environment of digitalisation. They presented their views on topics like data privacy and data protection, how to make the boards understand cybersecurity risks in business terms and why understanding user behaviour is integral to handling cybersecurity threats. They also delved into issues like privacy, insider risks and creating a real-time response to high-risk activities.

Forcepoint sessions were delivered by Surendra Singh, country director, Harshil Doshi, security strategist, and Ajay Dubey, senior channel manager for India region. The Forcepoint speakers talked about the need for IT leaders to re-think the cybersecurity approach and the need to re-evaluate security strategy moving away from threat-centric to human-centric approach. The speakers emphasised that the human-centric security is a revolutionary approach that associates cyber identities with behaviour to identify high-risk activities, prioritize the security response and adapt policies and programs for enforcement in real time. 

Thanks to all the speakers, and especially customers and cybersecurity professionals, who attended!

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