February 5, 2016

Acquisition of Stonesoft (McAfee Next Generation Firewall) and Sidewinder (McAfee Firewall Enterprise)

Mary Fad

On January 14, 2016, we announced the successful acquisition of Stonesoft (McAfee Next Generation Firewall) and Sidewinder (McAfee Firewall Enterprise) from Intel Security. These newly acquired businesses expand the cloud and hybrid capabilities of Forcepoint’s TRITON® security platform, extending the range and expertise of our security services. The teams of experts leading these businesses, located primarily in Finland, France, Poland and Minnesota, are bringing tremendous talent to the company, making Forcepoint stronger than ever. The Stonesoft and Sidewinder products are sold and developed within the newly-established Network Security Business Team led by Antti Reijonen, Forcepoint's VP of Network Security.

During the transition period from Intel to Forcepoint, the way customers and partners receive support and purchase these products will not change – it is “business as usual,” using existing processes and tools, until further notice. As the transition period comes to an end, any changes to support and purchasing procedures will be communicated well in advance.

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