Thursday, Mar 04, 2010

Banking Safely: Introducing Websense® TRITON™


Internet access is everywhere and more and more clients are making transactions online and via applications installed in smart phones. The advancement of this dynamic Web has brought forth new business opportunities to better serve customers. But, it has undoubtedly increased the risks of financial information data loss.

Organizations must ensure that their customers’ information is protected and mitigate costly data breaches via Web and email. To address this need, Websense has released the Websense TRITON™ solution, a security solution that is fully integrated into one single platform with a single management interface and unified content analysis across Web, data, and email. No other vendor in the security industry provides a truly unified Web, data, and email security solution that spans on-premise, Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) and hybrid deployments with one unified architecture and management console helping keep all of your locations just as safe as your headquarters.

The TRITON solution helps provide organizations the best security against today’s dynamic, blended threats and prevent outbound data loss, all while easing administration and lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) for security solutions.

See how Websense and the TRITON solution can work for you.

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