April 18, 2019

Bringing our story to life: the Forcepoint Cyber Experience Center

Tuesday was a monumental day for Forcepoint as we officially opened our Cyber Experience Center in Boston’s historic Seaport District. We were honored to be joined for a ribbon cutting ceremony by distinguished guests Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker, Senator Ed Markey, and Raytheon CEO and Chairman of Forcepoint’s Board of Directors Tom Kennedy. Also joining us for the festivities were nearly 100 VIPs, customers, partners, analysts, and journalists.

The support from public officials like Governor Baker, a leader on innovation, and Senator Markey, champion of cybersecurity initiatives, sent a clear message that Forcepoint’s human-centric approach is the path forward to address today’s modern threats.


L to R: Governor Baker, Forcepoint CEO Moynahan Raytheon CEO Dr. Kennedy, Senator Markey

Of the Forcepoint CEC, Governor Baker noted, “Our Administration is committed to supporting the growing cybersecurity sector of the Commonwealth’s innovation economy. By supporting a high-tech workforce and creating a competitive environment where companies like Forcepoint can drive further innovation, we will continue to do our part to ensure Massachusetts remains a national leader in this space.”

Following the ribbon cutting we hosted a conversation between Admiral Mike S. Roberts, a four-star Navy admiral who led the National Security Agency and the U.S. Cyber Command. During the discussion Admiral Rogers shared his insights on the state of cybersecurity today and provided a lens into the importance of diversity in cybersecurity. He noted the road ahead for Forcepoint is filled with opportunity to affect real change in the world. 

As CRO of Forcepoint, I’m thrilled that my team has an opportunity to engage with customers in Boston – a perfectly situated location for visitors from the United States as well as Europe. In the race to take advantage of digital transformation, organizations are struggling with rapid innovation – which is resulting in strain, and failure, of security architectures. As digital transformation reshapes industries, organizations of all sizes and across industries are rethinking their approach to innovation and how technology can help them compete more effectively. The CEC helps bring this opportunity to life, enabling organizations to visualize their security challenges in an immersive environment while dynamically mapping tailored Forcepoint security solutions to their unique business needs.

Visitors to the Center will have an opportunity to learn from our senior executives, behavioral-analytics architects, engineers and product leaders, in an experience tailored to their specific needs and business objectives, the tremendous value in approaching security through a behavior-centric lens.

The Forcepoint CEC interactive showcase

In addition to serving as a briefing center, the new Cyber Experience Center will also be the location of the inaugural Forcepoint Global Center of Excellence for Behavioral Analytics, which will focus not only on product development to deliver the best possible tools for every business, but also offer state-of-the-art services to every Forcepoint customer. The new global Center of Excellence will innovate and modernize existing applications and solutions while also creating new ones in partnership with the Forcepoint X-Labs behavioral-science research division. The Analytics Engineering team will deliver cutting-edge detection methodologies across the Forcepoint portfolio, from endpoint to cloud, helping customers catalyze innovation and solve business challenges in an accelerated fashion. The Analytics Engineering team will deliver cutting-edge detection methodologies across the Forcepoint portfolio, from endpoint to cloud, helping customers catalyze innovation and solve business challenges in an accelerated fashion. 

At Forcepoint we’re honored to partner with our customers to help them stop the bad and free the good. Come and see us in Boston!

About Forcepoint

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