March 28, 2011

British Public Worried Government Spending Cuts Will Impact Data Security

Andy Philpott

Andy PhilpotLast week, we announced the results of a YouGov Survey which revealed public concern for Personal & Financial Data as well as Government ‘Secrets’. More than 2000 respondents in Great Britain voiced concerns for their data security in light of the current UK government budget cuts. Concern for the security of respondents’ personal and financial information topped concerns for the security of government ‘secrets’ and it would seem that confidence levels are eroding year on year.

Highlights from the survey:

  • 48% of respondents expressed worry that the government spending cuts in 2011 would put their personal and financial information at risk and 35% worry about the security of government ‘secrets’
  • Only 47% had any confidence in Central Governments (including HMRC, DVLA & Passport Agency)ability to keep people’s data safe
  • Local councils: Just 36% felt they could keep data safe
  • 40% believe cuts will affect the security of government ‘secrets’ over the next 5 years
  • 32% of respondents have less confidence in local and central government’s ability to keep their personal data safe in 2011 in comparison to this time last year
  • Looking to 2012, 36% believe they will be less confident than they are presently

You can read more about the survey results here.

Any particular elements that surprised you? Do you think the results would be different in your own country? Let's discuss in the comments below...

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