September 23, 2020

Forcepoint Game Plan Video Series - Cloud Security with Nico Popp

Lionel Menchaca

Back in May, Chief Product Officer Nico Popp used a whiteboard to make the case on how to move left of breach. Recently, we asked him to map out Forcepoint’s cloud security strategy in front of a lightboard. The exercise resulted in Forcepoint’s new Game Plan video series

SASE Live Demo

The topic of this four-part series is cloud security. Some of you might have seen an episode or two since we began sharing installments of the video series earlier this week. Cloud security is a topic we blog about on a pretty regular basis for a few reasons: 

1) Current events have accelerated organizations' plans to  migrate to cloud applications and their digital transformation efforts in general.

2) It’s clear to us that an ever-increasing number of customers expect cloud-powered security solutions moving forward.

3) Protecting remote workers wherever they are and the data they interact with represents the new way of working.

For those of you who haven’t yet watched any of the videos, here’s a bit of what to expect:

Episode 1 - SASE

Nico explains Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) through looking at the security challenges that come with a typical work from home scenario. Nico makes the point that SASE is primarily about threat protection, and he maps out the core cloud-based components of Forcepoint’s threat detection tools: Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Advanced Malware Detection (AMD and Remote Browser Isolation (RBI).

Here’s the full SASE episode:

Episode 2 – Private Access

Nico starts this video discussing the pain that comes with traditional VPNs. While they provide secure access to an organization’s private applications, they are difficult to configure and they don’t scale. He then illustrates Forcepoint’s Private Access, which includes firewall as a service along with a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution that functions as a virtual VPN as a service to scale and to also provide a seamless experience for remote workers, whether they are accessing cloud-based apps like Office 365 or private apps via an organization’s data center.  

Episode 3 – Cloud Security Gateway

The is the episode where Nico talks about the magic word: connect. How do we securely connect remote workers to apps and filter out non-work traffic yet still pay attention to data accessed from both private and cloud-based apps?  Nico explains how the components of Forcepoint’s converged Cloud Security Gateway solution - SWG, RBI, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) work together with a converged unified agent end point agent that includes DLP.

Episode 4 – Dynamic User Protection (DUP)

This is the episode Nico really brings it all together. At about the two-minute mark, Nico talks about risk—threat risk, user risk and data risk. In that discussion, he mentions Dynamic User Protection and behavioral analytics as key components of how Forcepoint deals with risks. Both are topics we’ll be discussing more.

Here's the full DUP video:


Enough from me. Go watch Nico draw and articulate Forcepoint’s cloud security vision. Check out the Game Plan video series or click the green Watch the Series button on the right.

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