December 27, 2010

CNBC Power Lunch Today: 2011 Security Predictions

Patrik Runald

CNBCThis morning I was on the CNBC Power Lunch TV show to get the word out about 2011 security predictions. In 2011 we predict more state-sponsored attacks, and corporate data breaches coming over social media. On the show I discussed search poisoning on Facebook, iPad security concerns and state-sponsored malware. Check out this CNBC video clip… (believe it or not, I wasn’t wearing any makeup).

If you haven't had a chance to read our 2011 predictions, I encourage you to do so. The one thing that all of our security predictions have in common? The Web. And you have our guarantee here at Websense that we will continue through 2011 to be the company that knows the Web better than anyone else, and to be the company that you can turn to for the best security on and related to the Web. 

For a deeper dive into the predictions check out our social media security predictions post, and keep an eye out for additional predictions posts this week. Have any questions/comments? Feel free to post below and we can discuss further Patrik

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