April 5, 2011

CSO Perspective Part II: What’s the Forecast? Cloudy with a Chance of Data Loss

Jason Clark


In my second discussion at CSO Perspectives 2011, I’m going to speak with Roland Cloutier, Vice President and Chief Security Officer for ADP on “It’s Not Just the Devices: Getting a Secure Handle on Rogue Cloud Applications.”

The fact is so much is moving to the cloud that you’ve probably got some work groups within your organization implementing them without telling the CIO, let alone the CSO. This is a serious security concern. So much of our workforce is mobile, or at remote offices, that these sorts of implementations aren’t just inevitable, they’ve probably already occurred in your business. Roland and I are going to talk through our personal experiences ensuring that the right information is only going to the right places, and that any security gaps in these applications are addressed with proper security focused on the content.

I’d like to start a conversation here.

  1. What cloud applications have you seen deployed in your organization without prior IT security knowledge?
  2. Any horror stories about finding data in the cloud that perhaps shouldn’t be there in the first place?
  3. Have you mapped out a long-term strategy for securing your cloud content and what data can go where, who can post it and who can access it?

These are all elements and questions I’d like us to talk about here and during the upcoming panel. Your comments are appreciated. I’m looking forward to the discussion!

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