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Saturday, Feb 25, 2012

CSO on the Road: What sessions am I going to at RSA?


Just a quick post here as we all get set for the giant Lollapalooza that is the RSA Conference. There are a few really interesting sessions, so I thought I’d share my top picks and get your thoughts.

So—what am I most interested in seeing? Well if you caught my recent article in CSO Magazine, you know I’m big on IP protection. There’s a panel discussion called “Elephant in the Room: Intellectual Property Hacking” (session ID HOT-108) that I’m definitely attending.

Another one is, “CISOs Check the Weather: Beyond the Hype of Cloud Security” (session ID CLD-201) with my good friend, Jerry Archer, the CSO of Sallie Mae and members of the Cloud Security Alliance that I think is going to be worth the price of admission. 

Then, because we know we are only as secure as our people, there’s a panel on social engineering called,“Human Hacking Exposed: 6 Preventative Tips That Can Save Your Company” (session ID HOT-204).

Gene Hodges, Websense CEO will be on a panel discussion, “Top Security Weathermen Forecast the Cloud”with some other security luminaries. That is session number SECT-301 on March 1.

I’m also hoping to check out "BYOD: Securing Mobile Devices You Don’t Own" (session ID MBS-303) and "Three Ways to Lose Data and One Way to Stop It" (session ID DAS-202).

I’m stilling looking at the rest of the agenda, but wanted to share with you those sessions to take a look at. I’m looking forward to seeing you all there.

Remember to use the show for what it is - an opportunity to connect with peers. Don’t over pack your session schedule. Make time to talk with folks during breaks or at after hours events. Have fun! Head to the Rapid 7 party! KPMG is holding arrival cocktails on Monday. Websense is hosting our own cocktail party on Wednesday.  Let me know if you would like to go. We’ll have more than a hundred leaders of the security world there.  

Drop me a message or connect with me on LinkedIn if you’d like to get together sometime during the show.

Feel free to leave a comment about any sessions you are looking forward to.

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