October 7, 2020

Cybersecurity Awareness Month All-Star Lineup on Forcepoint's To The Point Podcast

Carolyn Ford

In support of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we are excited to announce an all-star lineup of cyber leaders joining To The Point Cybersecurity podcast to discuss how government agencies can improve their cyber posture and #BeCyberSmart. Hard to believe that part of this October series will include our 100th episode of the podcast!

TTP Cybersecurity Ep. 100 - General Stanley McChrystal

We kicked things off yesterday with Episode 99. Below are details of each of the upcoming episodes throughout the month of October. We’ll add links to each of the episodes soon after they go live according to the schedule below.

October 6: The Right to Be Forgotten:

In an online world, your worst moments may live forever. Even if the original source is deleted it doesn’t guarantee that mug shot won’t show up in a background check. And how much of your private data should ecommerce stores be allowed to keep? Gabe Gumbs, CIO, Spirion, joins to discuss the challenges of the right to be forgotten as they relate to privacy laws.

100th Episode October 13: Applying “Team of Teams” Logic to Cyber
We celebrate our 100th episode with retired, four-star General Stanley McChrystal, to discuss his bestselling book "Team of Teams" and the similarities between the landscape he encountered in Iraq and today's cyber landscape and how we can apply the lessons and tactics used to defend against terrorist organizations to cyber. In addition to this being on podcast platforms, click on the green Watch the Podcast button to check it out. 

October 20: How Do We Fill the Cybersecurity Gob Gap?
Authors Mike Sarraille and George Randle will join the podcast to discuss how to apply the logic of The Talent War: How Special Operations and Great Organizations Win on Talent to the government’s cybersecurity job market.

October 27: Government and Remote Work Status
We'll close out the month with Sean Berg, GM of Forcepoint Global Governments & Critical Infrastructure, recap our 24 September virtual summit, featuring cyber leaders from Department of Education, Department of Energy, DoD and Ponemon Institute.

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