September 12, 2017

Data Protection, UEBA, Evasions and Ransomware at this year’s GovWare Conference

Sarah Vela

It’s time once again for the Singapore International Cyber Week, and the cornerstone event, GovernmentWare, taking place September 19-21. We hope you’ll visit with us this year in the booth to see our latest demos. Also, don’t miss noted security authority Nicolas Fischbach’s presentation on the lessons of WannaCry. Here are some further details on what we’ll be up to next week!

User-Focused Data Protection
Today’s approach to data security has failed. Despite a focus on detecting malware threats and meeting compliance demands, enterprises have actually done little to reduce the risk of data loss. Forcepoint believes data protection starts and ends with your people. Guide users to make smart decisions with data. Understand how your people interact with your valuable data and analyze that behavior for risk. See how user-focused data protection creates a partnership between the enterprise and its people to protect data.

Why User and Entity Behavior Analytics is essential for the Cloud
As businesses move to the Cloud, the security challenge evolves. Employees are changing the way they access data and the devices they use. UEBA is an essential tool for rapidly analyzing and responding to ever-growing risks in this environment.  Come and learn about Advanced UEBA and how it is the principal defense if you have embraced the Cloud.

The Networking Industry’s Dirty Secret: Why Are Evasions Still a Thing?
Firewalls exist to keep attackers and malware out. But hackers have been bypassing even the latest NGFWs and IPSs using Advanced Evasion Techniques (AET) for years.  Forcepoint released Evader, an evasion test lab, years ago to help the industry fix the problem. But has it? Evader’s back so that you can test for yourself and see how even the biggest names in network security still leave you exposed.

WannaCry’s Trajectory and Preparing for Tomorrow’s Ransomware

20 September 2017

15:50 – 16:30

Venue: MR 310-311, Level 3


The global WannaCry ransomware outbreak is just one of an increasingly frequent series of threats; experienced security professionals know there is always a new threat coming. Ransomware challenges enterprise networks in new ways – from human points of failure to the layering of security and mitigation solutions.

Learn about:

  • Types of ransomware and how they propagate
  • Should you pay the ransom?
  • How evolving threats require new business processes, beyond technology 
  • Does the Cloud make it all riskier or more secure?
  • What do you need to watch out for?

Nicolas Fischbach is Forcepoint’s Cloud CTO. He is a recognized authority on service provider security as well as on next-generation network and cloud architectures. Before joining Forcepoint he spent 17 years at Colt, a global B2B service provider, where he oversaw company-wide strategy, architecture and innovation. Nicolas holds a degree in Networking and Distributed Computing.

Sarah Vela

Sarah Vela is senior manager of digital communications for Forcepoint. 

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