August 17, 2018

DoDIIS Worldwide 2018: Data as a Weapons System: Revolutionizing Intelligence

Stacey Winn

The past several DoDIIS conferences have focused on understanding and building trust in cloud technologies and concepts. This year it was clear that cloud is no longer the “next new thing” but has become the very foundation on which we approach our collective functions across the national and global defense intelligence community.

Throughout the conference the community leaders established our next set of challenges to focus on – the data (i.e., the mission fuel). In a similar fashion to how we approached moving to the cloud by ensuring we developed a complete picture of the networks, machines on those networks, and the types of work performed on those networks; now we must understand what data we have, where it resides, how to manage existing and new data, and the best ways to share at mission speed.

Now the hard work begins – but that’s nothing new to this community used to tackling the most difficult and challenging problems.

Throughout keynotes, breakout sessions, and exhibit discussions, a few phrases were echoed:

  • Data centricity and unification for security at scale
  • Data as a key asset to advance the mission
  • Harnessing the power of machines to automate repetitive tasks giving people – our most precious resource – the space and time to think and form creative solutions
  • The importance of sharing across more fabrics than ever before to accomplish the mission – ensuring that the right data, gets to the right people, at the right time

As I look to align our customers’ concerns and focus areas with Forcepoint’s human-centric approach to cybersecurity, and secure information sharing across all mission domains, I believe that no one in the vendor community is as uniquely suited and positioned to help our customers across the full partner ecosystem – from intelligence, defense, domestic, foreign, public, private, federal, state, local, and critical infrastructure, and beyond.

Forcepoint delivers secure multi-domain data access and transfer capabilities, risk-adaptive user and data protection with the power of analytics, and advanced network and cloud security. Forcepoint has supported this community’s specialized mission needs for more than 20 years while continuing to advance our technologies at cyber-speed.

In every mission domain and environment, Forcepoint is the industry leader in human-centric cybersecurity with integrated tools to proactively protect mission-critical data at all operational levels – from end user devices at the tactical edge to the most sensitive, strategic and operational cloud environments.

Stacey Winn

Stacey Winn is a Sr Manager with Forcepoint’s Global Government & Critical Infrastructure team. She has more than 20 years of experience in the software development industry, the majority of that time focusing on cross domain and cybersecurity solutions for global government customers. Ms...

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