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The Forcepoint Converged Security Platform: accelerating digital transformation


Thursday, Feb 28, 2019

Does the challenge of hybrid IT affect you as a CISO? And has IT’s move to cloud computing impacted you…yet? Because it surely will. Many CISOs and security teams are faced with the unenviable task of preparing for the monumental challenges posed by advancements in technology. The digital transformation train is gaining speed, and there’s no stopping it. So let’s get on board.

The move to SaaS brings obvious change -- which can result in tremendous benefits. It enables an anywhere workforce, which by design pushes forward a cloud-based architecture. This, in turn, transforms how organizations run their networks. And all of this means opportunity for the CISO who is looking to modernize and expand the capabilities of their organization’s cybersecurity infrastructure. At Forcepoint, we want to be your partners in this change, and to ride along with you on your journey to the cloud.

Our core premise is that meaningful change in cybersecurity will come from combining a modern software delivery model with Forcepoint’s unique human-centric security capabilities.  That means cybersecurity that CISOs can tailor to their organization, and that itself will adapt to the unique behavioral patterns of the organization, eliminating the friction created by imprecise and disparate policies.

The result is the Forcepoint Converged Security Platform which enables a customizable set of capabilities that also provides published APIs for unlimited extensibility using third party applications, within a single point of management. This approach enables Forcepoint to focus on its core strengths in cybersecurity and gives our customers the freedom to incorporate other capabilities as appropriate. Basing the platform in the cloud was tablestakes, embracing the cloud delivery model, but without abandoning the ability to support telemetry gathering and control at physical locations when a hybrid model is required.

It was only logical that related capabilities be grouped to address key security use cases being addressed by CISOs. Dynamic Edge Protection is the first such collection of capabilities being released on the Converged Security Platform, focused on securing and regulating the use of web and cloud resources for organizations grappling with the security challenges faced in digital transformation. Simplifying security technology and removing the guesswork of protecting organizations will finally enable CISOs to lift and shift their focus to their executive role within their organization.

If you’re attending the RSA Conference next week I hope you’ll stop by our booth to meet our team and learn more about our Converged Security Platform and other solutions.

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Bharath Vasudevan

Bharath Vasudevan

Bharath Vasudevan is the Senior Director of Product Marketing at Forcepoint. His organization covers Forcepoint’s user and data security portfolio of solutions including data loss prevention (DLP), user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), Insider Threat and Orchestration products. Prior to...