February 25, 2019

Forcepoint Cross Domain Solutions Achieve U.S. Government Raise The Bar Compliance

Christina Jasinski

Forcepoint Cross Domain Solutions Do It Again

As a recognized market leader in cross domain technology, Forcepoint continues its dedication to the missions of our customers by completing a multi-year modernization project to address the U.S. Government’s Raise-The-Bar initiatives for Cross Domain Solutions

Today we’re excited to announce that Forcepoint High Speed Guard and Trusted Gateway System have completed Lab Based Security Assessment (LBSA) for Secret and Below Interoperability (SABI). These two Cross Domain transfer guard solutions join Forcepoint Trusted Thin Client and SimShield in meeting the National Security Agency (NSA) Raise The Bar guidelines.

This achievement represents our continued commitment in providing our customers the highest level of security while maintaining faster speed to operational mission.  In addition, Forcepoint continues its long-standing history of being the only commercial vendor with both Access and Transfer solutions recognized by the National Cross Domain Services Management Office (NCDSMO).

What Makes Forcepoint High Speed Guard and Trusted Gateway System More Secure?

As cyber threats continue to escalate in scale and frequency it is imperative that solutions continue to stay ahead of the adversary.  Raise-The-Bar (RTB) guidelines – led by the NSA and NCDSMO – are meant to do just that, raise the security architecture bar for Cross Domain Solutions beyond even the NIST Risk Management Framework (RMF) controls with emphasis on solutions that move (Transfer) data and files between segmented networks.

Forcepoint High Speed Guard specializes in structured rapid, machine-to-machine data transfer with the industry’s fastest transfer rates of more than 9Gb/s and latencies as low as 1.3ms. 

This newest version of High Speed Guard v5 introduces a redesigned platform to include:

  • Two built-in redundant filtering capabilities, Rule Engine and Filtering Engine, for consistent policy enforcement across all transfer mechanisms
  • Enhanced role separation
  • Support for Secure boot

Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System specializes in the transfer of unstructured files, such as Microsoft Office and PDF files, facilitating critical information sharing with two-person human review workflow.

The highly enhanced Trusted Gateway System v5 introduces a completely re-architected solution with:

  • Improved assurance that compromise of any single process will not pose a significant threat to the overall security of the system. 
  • More robust filtering and transformation capabilities leveraging trusted and proven 3rd party solutions such as Glasswall, Purifile, Aware and Sophos
  • Complies with R.A.I.N. (Redundant, Always Invoked, Independent and Non-bypassable)

Forcepoint is your Trusted Partner

Completing the Lab Based Security Assessment (LBSA) (formerly Certification Test and Evaluation (CT&E)) portion of the Secret And Below Interoperability (SABI) process provides the SABI community, and those that leverage the SABI accreditation process, with a new and even more secure Forcepoint solution. 

Our successful completion of government LBSA, as well as meeting the government’s Raise The Bar security guidelines and concepts, enables our customers to achieve accelerated Assessment & Authorization (A&A) and faster speed to mission today and into the future.

As the Cross Domain Solutions leader for more than 20 years, Forcepoint works very closely with government and technology partners to ensure that our solutions continue to deliver the most robust security and usability possible while supporting our customers’ current and future mission requirements.

What’s Next

Come join us at our upcoming Forcepoint Raise The Bar Government Initiative Insights Breakfast

When:  Tuesday March 19, 2019; 7:00AM – 11:00AM

Where:  Renaissance Arlington Capital View

This event will bring together Department of Defense, Intelligence Communities and Civilian agencies with Cross Domain Solutions key influencers to collaborate with peers and experts about Raise The Bar. 

We look forward to seeing you there! Registration is required.


Christina Jasinski

Christina Jasinski is a Principal Product Marketer within Forcepoint’s Global Governments business team. She focuses on driving Forcepoint’s unique value propositions of our cross domain portfolio as well as our insider threat expertise for government customers. Christina brings a breadth of...

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