February 8, 2019

Forcepoint’s newest Cross Domain reseller in Canada, DALIAN

Christina Jasinski

Forcepoint is pleased to announce and introduce DALIAN as our first reseller of our Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) in Canada. DALIAN was chosen because of their extensive experience in cross domain solutions as well as their service to the Canadian Department of Defense. Together, DALIAN and Forcepoint will deliver proactive, defense-grade cybersecurity solutions that demonstrate a fundamental understanding of agency missions and deliver optimal time-to-value.

DALIAN will provide Forcepoint with local representation from their offices in Ottawa, Ontario. We sat down with David Yeo, CTO and founder of DALIAN, to learn more.

Who is DALIAN?

David Yeo:  DALIAN has been servicing the Canadian Federal Government for over 18 years. We specialize in providing both subject matter experts and products in the areas of security, cyber solutions and internetworking technologies.

What markets does DALIAN serve?

DYDALIAN serves the Canadian Federal Government, the Ontario Provincial Government and private industry within the National Capital Region of Ottawa.

Why has DALIAN chosen to partner with Forcepoint?

DYForcepoint is the market leader in CDS. I have worked with these products over the past 15 years, developing and deploying both Access and Transfer CDS capabilities. We see a significant need for these solutions within our client base. The Forcepoint portfolio of products complements the DALIAN portfolio, creating a powerhouse to deliver to the Canadian government.

Why did Forcepoint partner with DALIAN?

DYDALIAN’s reputation and expertise in the market, as well as their experience with our product, both in Canada and the US.

What makes Forcepoint’s CDS solutions unique for DALIAN’s portfolio?

DY DALIAN welcomes Forcepoint’s Cross Domain solutions to our portfolio as we are currently the only company that can resell the cross domain solution set in Canada.

What additional attributes do you want clients to know about DALIAN?

DYWe are also a certified PSAB ABORIGINAL business, which brings a unique opportunity to partner with local Universities and Colleges but also presents a very efficient way of contracting within the Federal Government.

What trends are you seeing in the market?

DY:  The next three to five years will be a very interesting time in the security and cyber security markets. Consolidation is happening now both on the technology and M&A front combined with massive increase in defensive and offensive cyber operations by our adversaries. Watching the watcher becomes even more vital for both critical infrastructure and corporate security. On demand VPN tunneling and dual VPN tunneling will become commoditized and Encrypted Communities of Interest (ECOIs) will thrive as ecosystems of commerce. Many good things coming down the track but we will never be able to take our eyes off of who is putting their fingers on the keyboard, what are they doing and where are they going!


Christina Jasinski

Christina Jasinski is a Principal Product Marketer within Forcepoint’s Global Governments business team. She focuses on driving Forcepoint’s unique value propositions of our cross domain portfolio as well as our insider threat expertise for government customers. Christina brings a breadth of...

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