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February 13, 2020

Partners in Disruption: Lucas di Grassi and Forcepoint

Lionel Menchaca
Lucas di Grassi Formula E World Champion

Today, we announced a strategic partnership with Formula E champion Lucas di Grassi. Like Forcepoint, Lucas is someone who understands disruption. He’s a founding driver of Formula E and Chairman of Roborace, the world’s first autonomous competition for human and artificial intelligence teams.

It made sense for Forcepoint to partner with Lucas for a lot of reasons. He’s able to see disruption coming, he understands disruptive technologies and how they can be used to propel industries forward all while making a significant impact on global threats that impact all of us.

Lucas saw the transformative effect electric racecars would have on motorsports, and he also recognized the massive environmental benefits that go along with them. He’s spent years committed to taking on the challenges of climate change and the growing air quality crisis head on. It’s that passion that inspired him to be a founding driver of Formula E in 2010, and it’s why he serves as the United Nations Environment Programme’s global ambassador for clean air.

Like Lucas, Forcepoint is committed to driving disruption in the cybersecurity industry. Like him, we believe in the concept of “adapt or die.” Racing and cybersecurity share common ground in both data and technology. Winning in both our respective fields requires making real-time decisions based on insights derived from analyzing data. In both racing and in cybersecurity, technology plays an important role. But understanding the human element is vital as well.

Hear more from Lucas about the need for sustainable technology, how using and analyzing secure data creates competitive advantages and the parallels between how Forcepoint and Formula E are disrupting their respective industries:


Throughout 2020, Forcepoint will be co-hosting many customer events with Lucas in great cities around the world, including Mexico City, Rome Berlin, New York City and others. Expect more updates from us here on the Forcepoint blog and via Forcepoint social media channels.

Lionel Menchaca

As the Senior Digital Communications & Content Manager, Lionel leads Forcepoint's social media and blogging efforts. He's responsible for the company's global editorial strategy and is part of a core team responsible for content strategy and execution on behalf of the company.


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