April 16, 2018

Forcepoint Risk-Adaptive Protection – delivering automated data security

James Birmingham

Today, Forcepoint aims to change the cybersecurity paradigm via Risk-Adaptive Protection. The products within this framework are integrated to provide visibility and protection unsurpassed in the industry whether you are looking to protect your data, gain visibility into SaaS usage, or stop malware from entering your enterprise.

Traditional enterprise security programs have limited means for understanding their users and therefore tend to group users by role or department (i.e., tools such as Active Directory). They then apply a least privilege policy to the group, balancing access needs against organizational risk. Under this rubric, all users are therefore considered risky and subjected to the same restrictions. While these restrictions may impede bad behavior, they also restrict perfectly legitimate behavior leading to frustrated workers, costly delays, clumsy workarounds, and in extreme cases workers going around corporate policies to do their job. As an answer to this legacy operational model, converged solutions such as Dynamic Data Protection offer an easy path to achieving greater efficiency without sacrificing security. Dynamic Data Protection can even adapt your security policies to your individual users and adjust based on their behavior, ensuring an optimal level of security is always applied.

This is the same principle used by TSA as part of their TSA PreCheck program. Prior to TSA PreCheck all US airline passengers were treated as potential threats and subjected to the same in-depth security review prior to entering the gate area. TSA recognized most travelers are not in fact threats and would prefer an easier screening process. This led to the TSA PreCheck program which created a new class of traveler subjected to a simpler screening process in exchange for providing detailed background information. The additional background information helps the TSA better understand you and gives it the confidence it needs to allow for the expedited screening process.

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Risk-Adaptive Protection enables our customers to glean relevant insights rather than executing binary decisions. No longer do you have to block all users from accessing web email sites. Now you can allow your users to upload their favorite pet photos while still stopping sensitive corporate documents from being exfiltrated. You can enable your users to access SaaS services needed to perform their job but stop them from doing so when a bad actor impersonates them. You can even dynamically adapt your response as your user’s behavior changes over time. With Risk-Adaptive Protection the possibilities are endless.




About Forcepoint

Forcepoint is the leading user and data protection cybersecurity company, entrusted to safeguard organizations while driving digital transformation and growth. Our solutions adapt in real-time to how people interact with data, providing secure access while enabling employees to create value.