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February 28, 2019

Forcepoint Technology Alliances help address challenges in your digital transformation journey

Manolo Gonzalez

We are pleased to announce Forcepoint’s new Technology Partner Program.

At Forcepoint we’re obsessed with answering a singular question:  How can we help our customers secure their assets AND keep up with the rapid demands of digital transformation?

Around the globe, CSOs, CISOs, CDOs and other business and functional leaders are facing enormous challenges as their roles evolve along the journey to digital transformation. We know in talking with CxOs everywhere that they are increasingly being asked to serve as strategic partners, enabling and accelerating key initiatives while overseeing security, supporting digital transformation, and driving business growth. Security leaders are increasingly being asked to consult with the C-Suite and Boards on strategic approaches to today’s pressing security concerns in the face of key challenges such as:

  • Their hybrid infrastructure is getting more complex and fragmented with dozens of vendor point-products that operate in isolation across on-prem and/or multiple clouds. This creates multiple risk factors around secure cloud adoption, users and data protection, cost, efficiency and talent
  • Traditional security is losing effectiveness. Cloud and mobility are increasingly diminishing the significance of a traditional perimeter and threat-based approaches. With workforces, apps and data moving to the cloud, identity and behavior are emerging as a new line of defense.
  • Explosion of data. Cloud is driving an exponential increase of data everywhere. Enforcing visibility and protection of critical data and intellectual property while remaining compliant is an evolving, hard problem to solve. Data breaches continue to be on the rise and remain a Board’s worst nightmare.
  • Businesses need to run securely and efficiently 24/7. Enabling the good is as important as stopping the bad. Security needs to more deeply understand the context and dynamically adapt to the changing environment.

Effective security in the face of these challenges requires a dramatic shift from traditional approaches to focus on the users and their interactions with critical data with a Risk Adaptive Protection framework. Forcepoint leads this new approach with its human- and entity-centric approach to cybersecurity.

Forcepoint’s Technology Alliances

To address these challenges and help customers achieve their digital transformation outcomes we are pleased to announce Forcepoint’s new Technology Partner Ecosystem. We are actively engaging with market and customer-relevant partners with complementary go-to-market capabilities and technologies to deliver cloud-first, hybrid-friendly, integrated cybersecurity solutions for best-in-class, context enrichment, risk-adaptive protection and response across identity, data, cloud, apps, web/email, network and endpoint.

Key partnership areas include Identity and Access, IaaS and enterprise SaaS, Workflows, Data Discovery and Classification, edge networking, workforce and supply chain protection, among others. We are privileged to count leaders such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Security, Citrix, Boldon James, Ping Identity, Seclore among others as inaugural partners, and we look forward to welcoming more partners in the coming quarters.

Manolo Gonzalez

Manolo Gonzalez serves as VP, Business Development for Forcepoint. He has over 20 years of technology business experience in software, cloud and cybersecurity across start-ups and large global organizations. Before joining Forcepoint, he served as the VP of Platform and Alliances at Cloudlock, a...

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