June 16, 2016

Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit Recap

Susan Helmick

On the final day of the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit Forcepoint’s Jim Fulton and Dr. Richard Ford give their takes on the conference experience.

Jim Fulton, Sr. Director for Forcepoint Product Marketing said:

 “I was impressed with the level of conversations that we had, in the booth, in the sessions, and even in the various networking events. We had a good opportunity to talk with people about what makes Forcepoint different from its predecessor companies, and to introduce existing customers to our new expanded range of products. When combined with the new insights gained from the Gartner analysts and other speakers, it was a very productive learning environment.”

Dr. Richard Ford, who spoke during a standing room only presentation at the conference with Forcepoint Chief Information Security Officer, Dave Barton entitled ‘Ransomware: The Theory and Practice of Exploiting the Kill Chain’, had this to say:

"The Gartner Summit is always interesting, as it gives me an opportunity to interact with folks who spend a lot of time at the 'pointy end' of security. In particular, I got to listen and learn from security practitioners who could tell me what the security industry is doing right for them, but perhaps most importantly, the areas where they feel the industry does NOT solve their problems. Talking through challenges related to Ransomware after David and my talk was illuminating and inspiring and I've returned with some ideas that I want to explore further with respect to our offerings!" – Dr. Richard Ford, Forcepoint Chief Scientist

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