October 29, 2012

Have you heard about Operation Spear-Phish? Take the challenge.


Every week I hear cyber security teams say they’re worried about spear-phishing . They’re struggling to defend against them with their current technology. But to exacerbate matters, their users also struggle to understand how to spot a malicious email. Organizations need more hands-on training to help this effort. Earlier this month, the United States White House was the target of a successful spear-phishing attack. While most organizations won’t be as widely targeted as the White House, it signals that email phishing attacks have evolved. Organizations need to be quicker than ever when it comes to rolling out up-to-date security services and educating their users on the latest attack techniques. So, to help everyone enhance their ability to spot a spear-phish, we developed a new online challenge called Operation Spear-Phish . The challenge helps participants identify advanced targeted attacks and recognize how they differ from legitimate emails. We wanted to create a visual way for everyone to test their knowledge and share it with others—both in the IT security community and the general public. Test your skills now and see if you can identify the phishing attempts. After you give it a shot, pass it around to your fellow employees and see how they do. Even the most seasoned IT security professional have been having difficulty identifying them! Do you have what it takes? Let us know on Twitter under the hashtag #OperationSpearPhish....(read more)


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