October 17, 2018

Introducing the Cloud App Control Module for Forcepoint Web Security

Colette Tomasiak

Introducing the Cloud App Control Module for Web Security – complete internet security that allows organizations to secure and control self-adopted cloud applications, while still protecting their users from malicious web content. 

What's New?

It’s here! No, not the package you ordered from Amazon. This is even better.

Today we are excited to introduce the Cloud App Control Module for Web Security – complete internet security that allows organizations to secure and control self-adopted cloud applications, while still protecting their users from malicious web content.

What makes the module cool is the extension of the native CASB functionality already included within our Web Security product. The module creates a direct integration to our leading CASB technology, allowing you to control sanctioned apps within your organization.

Web security is still an essential technology – a building block for security solutions to help enterprises overcome new challenges that come with digital transformation and shifts in how and where people work.

Applying critical cloud application security from within the web gateway helps IT streamline their workflow, and gain visibility and control into internet use across the entire organization. 

The Need for Visibility and Control

With cloud adoption on the rise, attack surfaces are expanding, creating more opportunities for bad stuff to penetrate the network, and valuable assets to leak out. In fact, Gartner estimates that by 2020, one-third of successful attacks perpetrated on enterprises will involve shadow IT resources.

In today’s world, you need a fluid internet security solution to secure cloud apps – but you still need to protect web content.

Having Both Doesn't Have to be Complex

You can get URL filtering, deep content inspection and cloud app visibility and control, all in one solution.

Forcepoint Web Security + Cloud App Control Module offers a robust solution that delivers critical technologies across multiple use cases. You no longer have to:

  • choose between protecting web content or securing cloud apps
  • wait for budget for another product from yet another vendor
  • get buy-in from additional functions
  • manage multiple, un-integrated products

What Levels of CASB are Available?

With Forcepoint Web Security, Shadow IT discovery is natively offered to help organizations uncover risky cloud app usage. Additionality, you can block the use of unsanctioned cloud apps and get detailed risk reporting on the application level to get a better view of why apps are considered risky – this helps to understand the full threat landscape within and organization and decide what “safe” means for you.

Now, with the Cloud App Control Module, you get inline control of up to 15 sanctioned cloud apps, across managed devices. And you can add expansion packs as your business and cloud application needs grow.

Here are the levels of CASB available:


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