June 2, 2010

Introducing the Websense V5000 Appliance - Meet the Newest Member of the V-Series Family


Websense 7500 appliance

Generally available today, the new Websense V5000 appliance is the ideal appliance for enterprise branch office and medium business deployments. With support for up to 2000 users, the V5000 is preconfigured to simplify deployment of Websense Web Security Gateway solutions (including Web Security Gateway Anywhere).  The V5000 provides another option for customers to take advantage of Websense TRITON architecture to reduce complexity and IT footprint and provide small to medium sized businesses the same flexible deployment, state-of-the-art security and flexible deployment models inherent within Websense solutions.

V-Series appliances deliver a unique combination of extensibility, performance and simple deployment. Onboard virtualization consolidates multiple security functions to a single hardware platform while supporting future enhancements. V-Series appliances significantly reduce deployment time and operational costs for Websense Web Security Gateway customers, while meeting enterprise scalability requirements.

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