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Friday, Feb 28, 2020

Lucas di Grassi Rolls Into Marrakesh for Round 5 This Weekend


Round 5 of the Formula E championship continues tomorrow in the venerable Moroccan city of Marrakesh.This race marks returns to the city for the fourth time in Formula E history. Lots of us here at Forcepoint will be cheering on Lucas di Grassi.

Lucas is ready for the race. He ranked #5 in the in Practice 1. He’s also currently ranked #5 in Fanboost voting. For those who are new to Formula E, Fanboost gives fans a way to vote for their favorite Formula E driver heading into each race. Drivers who end up in the Top 5 Fanboost Leaderboard get an extra boost of power they can actually use in the race.

Lucas di Grassi on the track at Marrakesh 2020

Best of luck to you Lucas... we look forward to an exhilarating race this weekend!

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