March 6, 2018

Making the invisible visible: introducing Forcepoint Web Security 8.5

JK Lialias

The art of managing risk today is about making the invisible, visible. Today, Forcepoint announced fortifications to our Human Point System capabilities with deeper control and visibility into user identity, activity and intent across cloud deployments, cloud apps, remote locations and complex distributed networks. Visibility is especially important as more organizations rely more on cloud applications to power their productivity. It is estimated that the average enterprise today has over 1,000 SaaS applications.  Traditional security solutions do very little to provide the visibility and control necessary for these environments. Enter Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB), delivering critical visibility and control to erase these security blind spots and implement a level of normalcy. Today we’re delivering CASB features that control sanctioned enterprise applications. We’re setting the pace for protecting users and data everywhere by making it easier to choose how to deploy robust web, email and data security to fit their fast-changing business or public sector environment. We’re also introducing the industry’s first single solution pricing for any deployment type – cloud, hybrid or on-premises. And as another option for on-premises web, email and data security we’re refreshing the Forcepoint V-series appliance.

More CASB functionality with Forcepoint Secure Web Gateway Solutions

Forcepoint offers an enterprise-class CASB solution with many industry-leading capabilities such as advanced cloud UEBA to help accurately detect anomalies and highly granular device control for managed and unmanaged (BYOD) devices. This is not the only way that Forcepoint is delivering CASB functionality to its customers. Since version 8.3 of our Web Security Gateway solution we have included critical CASB functionality - visibility and control for unsanctioned applications (Shadow IT), covering one of the most common CASB use case free of charge for our web security customers. With the 8.5 release, we are bringing secure web gateway and CASB even more closely together by including full CASB functionality through a Cloud Application Module, where web security customers can apply visibility and control of sanctioned enterprise cloud applications via inline (proxy) mode initially made available for customers using our on-premises (appliance) web security solution. Make no mistake, this utilizes the innovations of our Forcepoint CASB technology, but at a fraction of the price of a full CASB solution.

Industry-first single solution pricing and packaging

Our intent has been to bring Web and Email security solutions to customers no matter what their deployment preference might be – on-premises, SaaS, or hybrid (best of both worlds). We are now supporting these deployment choices with a single solution pricing / packaging model that allows customers to pay one price no matter the deployment architecture. Customers now know that when they buy our web and email security solutions, they will not have to pay again if they decide to change the deployment architecture, extending flexibility to the customer and reducing TCO over time.

Hardened appliance family offering up to 2x performance

As part of this launch, we are also providing some new appliance options. First, we are introducing a new V20000 option, which is our new high end 1U form factor appliance option that clocks in a performance that is over 2x the performance of our V10000. This new appliance option is simply a perfect fit for large organizations with greater than 8,000 users and data centers with pure optical cabling. Second, we announced the availability of the V10K G4R2 model which is a refresh of the V10K G4 model. This is a perfect solution for mid-sized enterprise customers that have 2,000 to 8,000 users. Third, we refreshed the X10G G2 blade, which is being replaced with the X10G G2R2 blade. Not only did we offer new scale and performance, we also drove some major price reductions across our appliance offerings,

We are continuing to drive innovation relentlessly with our Secure Web Gateway solutions – helping to protect the anywhere, anytime workforce. Now, we are definitely not going to stop here – please check back frequently to learn more about how we are out to change the way security is being deployed to accelerate digital transformation for enterprise and government users.

About Forcepoint

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