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Tuesday, Jul 07, 2020

Join Matthew Moynahan and Lucas di Grassi for a July 8 Webinar


Tomorrow, on July 8, we invite our global customers to register for a webinar discussion between Matthew Moynahan and Lucas di Grassi, the founding driver of Formula E and Chairman of Roborace. The topic of the session: Driving Transformation.

Update: The replay of the webinar is now available. Click on the link to access the session: Driving Transformation - Reinventing Cybersecurity and Motorsport.

Both these leaders understand disruption in their respective industries. Both understand the importance of leveraging technology in the midst of disruption. The opportunity for disruption is one of the key factors that led Formula E champion Lucas di Grassi to be a founding driver in the sport. Lucas’ understanding of disruptive technologies was a big part of why we sought out a partnership with him earlier in 2020.

In the session they discuss these things and more:

  • Driving transformation within storied industries ripe for disruption
  • What it takes to be a champion for change on the local and global levels
  • The explosion of data and the criticality in securing data for business and within our day-to-day lives

Access the session by clicking this link or click Watch the Webinar button above. 

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