January 13, 2020

Modern Cybersecurity Delivers a Converged Strategy to Get More Out of Your Security Platforms

The digital transformation of enterprise and government continues to gain speed: worldwide spending on digital transformation technologies and services is forecast by IDC to reach $2.3 trillion in 2023, and by 2025, IDC predicts that 49% of the world’s stored data will reside in public cloud environments. At the same time, governments around the around the globe are shifting focus to cloud applications. The US government has had a Cloud First policy since 2011, and the UK government has mandated that the central government “should consider and fully evaluate potential cloud solutions first before considering any other option” since 2013.

Digital transformation delivers many benefits to organizations including greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and the agility to respond to changing needs. But it also delivers challenges in the form of dispersed data warehousing, use of public services not completely in control of the organization’s IT group, and a proliferation of unique applications to manage and monitor. How can companies bring their digital visions to reality when their people, data and infrastructure are moving outside of their control? As traditional ways of working are disrupted, this creates an opening for hackers and nation-state adversaries to take advantage of this transition to damage businesses. Whether it is stealing intellectual property, phishing for personal data, or causing maximum business disruption, the stakes have never been higher.

All of this puts CISOs in the position of grappling with an unwieldly tech stack, the ongoing challenge of personnel and budget resources, and an inundation of alerts, in some cases thousands to hundreds of thousands a day. There has to be a way to effectively manage all of this and to quickly find the needle in a haystack of needles. Leveraging converged security that can do more with a behavior-centric approach to the interactions between people and data provides the modern cybersecurity path forward.

What converged cybersecurity looks like

An integrated, cloud-based security platform, like Forcepoint’s, can accelerate enterprise and government agencies’ digital transformation journey by enabling secure migration of data, applications, and business operations to the cloud. A new converged security platform can address CISOs’ business-critical need today for consolidated, cloud-based security solutions in a deployment agnostic delivery model.

With an integrated understanding of the behavior of users as they interact with critical data and intellectual property across global IT systems, organizations can take advantage of dynamic one-to-one security controls applied to individuals based on the risk their digital activity presents to the organization. This ensures security operations are more effective and more efficient. And, with a converged security platform, CISOs can define, enforce and monitor policies consistently across the security stack in one place—eliminating the gaps and redundancies of managing point products.

According to IDC’s Chris Kissel, director of research, Security Products1, “Customers continue to embrace vendors that offer a platform approach to manageability and simplification across environments in addition to addressing the latest threats. Vendors that can address security in a dynamic, multi-cloud manner will ultimately be successful.”

A cloud future drives a converged vision

As organizations continue their digital transformation journeys with a proliferation of cloud-based applications, relying on multiple security vendors with isolated tools and systems for network security, cloud, data, and insider threat creates a security infrastructure and view that’s just as scattered.

The answer is an integrated solution that can do more by protecting organizations end-to-end and user-by-user, consolidating information, aggregating disparate data, and finding patterns, providing the power to not only know what’s happening now, but to see what’s coming next.


1 IDC Worldwide Network Security Forecast, 2018–2022: Hybrid and Multi-cloud Driving Investment in Core Technologies (IDC #US44154217, August 2018)

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