October 30, 2018

There’s a new cybersecurity podcast in town

Eric Trexler

Be sure to tune in to our latest podcast, To The Point Cybersecurity, for brief and informative news and viewpoints on how the federal government is addressing cybersecurity challenges.

December 18, 2018 Update: Below are links to the most recent episodes of To The Point. Enjoy!

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Episode 2: CDM – Is It the Game Changer for Government Cybersecurity?

Episode 3: Raising the Bar on Government Cybersecurity

Episode 4: Recap of Forcepoint’s CDM Insights and Trends Breakfast

Episode 5: The White House’s New Cyber Strategy w/ Guest Gregg Otto of CyberScoop

Episode 6: Should Government Treat Cybersecurity The Way They Do Infectious Disease? w/ Guest Dr. Karen Renaud

Episode 7: What Do Government Agencies Really Think About the CDM Program – Survey Results Revealed

Episode 8: Is the Government Doing Enough to Protect Critical Infrastructure from a "Digital Pearl Harbor”?

Episode 9: Does Government Need a Cyber 911? w/ Guest Veteran FBI Cyber Agent Andre McGregor

Episode 10: Rethinking the Concept of Digital Trust w/ Dr. Richard Ford

Episode 11: Utilizing the Human Element to Mitigate Today’s Sophisticated Cyber Threat Landscape

I’m excited to share that Forcepoint has joined the crowded space of podcasts and launched our own show – To The Point Cybersecurity. The exciting part, however, is that our podcast is different from most others.

First, just as the title states, it’s TO THE POINT! Cybersecurity is a hot topic right now, and it can be difficult to weed through all the news of who hacked whom and the latest cyber threats around the world. Our podcast aims to be a weekly digest of what’s going on globally, and we get straight to the point by keeping the episodes to 20 minutes or less.

Second, our primary focus is what’s going on within the federal government and cybersecurity – but we stray beyond the traditional borders and challenge convention. Right now, government agencies face many challenges when it comes to cybersecurity – all different and all unique to their respective missions. There are new solutions and efforts to help them better prepare for the next cyberattack, but – much like the podcast world – its crowded and varied agencies need different tools. To The Point Cybersecurity will dive into these areas, talk to government guests, and serve as a platform for robust discussions around government cybersecurity.

And if I haven’t yet convinced you to tune in, the third thing to know is that this podcast is hosted by Arika Pierce and myself. As someone who has worked in technology for over 20 years and is fascinated by the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity, I am excited to host this show. In our first few episodes, I’ve already shared my thoughts on the future of the Continuous Diagnostic and Mitigation (CDM) program, discussed the new White House cyberstrategy with Greg Otto, the editor of Cyberscoop, and debated whether the government needs a Cyber 911 with former FBI cyberagent  (and technical consultant for Mr. Robot) Andre McGregor.

Recording To The Point Cybersecurity has become a highlight of my week, and I think listeners will enjoy our quick breakdown of complex cyber topics, our speed rounds of questions with interesting guests, and – of course – hearing all of the different perspectives on government cybersecurity from industry leaders and government officials.

This is not your typical podcast on how to transition from one favorite internet browser to another more functional program. We are way beyond that. This is a fast-paced and challenging interactive dialogue on up-to-the-minute topics regarding cybersecurity and the methods we use to keep governments safe from hackers of all stripes – from your stereotypical basement dwellers to coordinated, unfriendly governmental attacks.

New episodes will be available every Tuesday, and as the show title states, it will always to be To The Point and 20 minutes or less. Please subscribe, submit an iTunes review, and let us know any ideas you might have for new topics or guests!

Email:  TTP@Forcepoint.com

Eric Trexler

Eric Trexler is Vice President of Sales, Global Governments, Forcepoint.  Eric has more than 21 years of experience in the technology industry with both the public and private sectors including the DoD, Civilian, and Intelligence components.  Prior to joining Forcepoint, Eric was the Executive...

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