December 18, 2018

To The Point Cybersecurity episode 11

How the government can utilize the human element to mitigate cyber risks

Forcepoint’s Sean Berg was recently named by FedScoop as one of the top 50 leaders in the federal technology space. On this episode of To the Point Cybersecurity, he joins Eric and Arika to discuss his thoughts on the current state of government cybersecurity as well as a recent article he authored on utilizing the human element to mitigate today’s sophisticated cyber threat landscape.

Don’t miss Sean’s key takeaways for how organizations can succeed in today’s cyber landscape:

  1. Embrace A New Approach: A threat-central approach to cybersecurity has not achieved its goals in terms of enhancing the security efficacy of organizations. A better approach focuses on the two constants within the cyber equation—the people or humans you are trying to protect and critical data.
  2. Move Beyond Traditional Analytics: More cybersecurity companies are now investing in behavior analytics and capabilities that look at what users are doing on the network, a paradigm shift is needed however by government that shifts the focus from the traditional model of protecting infrastructure to understanding behavior. 
  3. Prioritize Secure Access & Transfer: Critical infrastructure continues to be a challenge within government because of the need for separate operational technology networks from informational technology networks. These challenges can be solved by cross domain solutions which are high assurance gateways that connect varying security level networks and assure that no harmful data or malware can get across these networks.
  4. Leverage Strategic Partnerships: The path forward to securing critical infrastructure is industry working with academia, and government agencies such as DHS and NIST to address some of the challenges and provide policy guidelines and support.

You can listen to the latest episode of #TTPCyber here.

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