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February 3, 2011

Prevent modern threats without preventing modern business

Devin Redmond
Yesterday we announced a revolutionary new weapon for those looking to combat today’s most pressing and urgent security issues, while still taking full advantage of all that the internet has to offer.

Let’s face it: Zeus, Stuxnet, Aurora and WikiLeaks prove that legacy security products are totally ineffective against modern threats. This is a wakeup call for the security industry. 

Consider these facts from a recent Miercom test:

  • Blue Coat is only 18.9% effective at blocking modern malware threats
  • Cisco is only 12.8% effective
  • Blue Coat is only 29.4% effective at blocking dynamic content on the social Web
  • McAfee is only 19.8% effective

And our own research shows that 20% of daily email threats are undetected by AV, UTMs, firewalls, and proxies. This is a failure of the security industry in general, and it cannot be solved with the latest DAT file.

In the meantime, while the rest of the industry is talking about concepts down the road, the real security paradigm shift occurred yesterday.

Websense® and the Websense TRITON™ architecture and product line UNIQUELY address these problems (and more). The flagship product in the enhanced TRITON lineup is Websense TRITON Security Gateway Anywhere. It is the world’s first unified content security gateway as it consolidates on-premises email and Web security on a single Websense V-Series™ appliance, complemented by cloud-based SaaS components, for ultimate efficiency and effectiveness and enterprise-class Web and email data loss prevention (not “DLP lite”).

Websense identifies, classifies, categorizes and understands content. The content is found everywhere: from websites, Web content and email content to applications, application traffic and data files. It resides and travels inside and outside of your organization: on the Web, over email and inside your systems; from databases to endpoints. Unified content security allows you to:

  • Stop bad content (from malware, exploits, and spam)
  • Block inappropriate content
  • Prevent the loss of private content (from regulated data and private data to source code and intellectual property)
  • Make sure that users can access the content — and only the content — that keeps them productive (from legitimate marketing on Facebook and cloud solutions like to allowing personal browsing time while limiting bandwidth consumption and exposure to inappropriate content)

Think about it: one interface across all of your email security, Web security and data security solutions, combined and sharing intelligence to make it greater than the sum of its parts; that same interface being able to selectively manage granular policies for workers, whether they are on premise or working remotely or at a satellite office.

With no network perimeter or standard endpoint to secure, the focus has to turn to securing the content itself. This revolutionary change in the way security is approached has taken Websense three years and more than $500 million in R&D to create. This is the beginning of the era of the content-secure enterprise. It is a whole new type of security that needed to emerge to combat today’s (and tomorrow’s) threats.

Unified content security plugs the gaps that point solutions leave wide open. And none of the competing architectures will be able to match what TRITON does: If you don't own your own IP like ACE (Websense Advanced Classification Engine), you can never integrate and unify like TRITON, and no one else does.

Here’s what that TRITON gives you:

  • Unified Security - Websense TRITON security goes way beyond looking at signatures and packets to a deep analysis of content. This is really the only effective protection against blended threats. And it saves money.
  • Consolidation - That way there’s no bloated duplication of systems, so you save all kinds of money with a greatly reduced footprint to run your content security in. You also benefit from consolidated vendors and support.
  • Modularity - TRITON is powerful, yet simple and modular solution. The pieces snap together like Legos, so you can build the exact solution you need. Want to add full DLP next month? Enter the license key. Huge reduction in cost and complexity, all managed from a single console.
  • Websense Threatseeker Network™ and Advanced Classification Engine - TRITON is powered by the Websense Threatseeker network, which provides real-time content intelligence, and ACE which performs real-time analysis of threats, risks, and content. Because it’s real-time, ACE stops threats that legacy products let through.

Websense TRITON unified content security shifts the entire security paradigm. The message is clear: when you're ready to safely enable social media, cloud computing, and mobile; when you need to prevent data loss while reducing cost and complexity, think Websense (TRITON video). Please feel to respond to let us know if you would like to learn more about this new face of security. Or, feel free to drop me an email and we can help you connect with a customer that has had positive success and enhanced use of the internet through Websense TRITON products (TRITON customer videos).

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