March 6, 2018

Protect and DEFEND your government agency with CDM and Forcepoint

Stacey Winn

Increased calls for IT modernization, cloud and mobility have driven information technology to an inflection point and security architectures to a breaking point. Today, this is top-of-mind within the US Federal Government as Government Agencies work to transform and modernize their infrastructure, technology, approaches, and methods.

The Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program was established by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to assist Agencies with this transformation and modernization. As stated on the CDM website: the CDM program “is a dynamic approach to fortifying the cybersecurity of government networks and systems. The CDM Program provides DHS [and other] Federal Agencies with capabilities and tools [to] identify cybersecurity risks on an ongoing basis, prioritize these risks based on potential impacts, and enable cybersecurity personnel to mitigate the most significant problems first.”

With intelligent analytics, unified policy and orchestration at its core, Forcepoint’s Human Point System can provide the end-to-end, human-centric security architecture required for the security challenges of today AND tomorrow. The Human Point System is a tightly integrated set of capabilities that protects sensitive networks and data – wherever they are accessed and wherever they reside – through Risk-Adaptive Data Protection and policy enforcement. All of which can be achieved with Forcepoint solutions included on the CDM Approved Product List (APL) for Phase Three:

Risk-Adaptive Data Protection dynamically applies monitoring and enforcement controls to protect data based on the calculated behavioral risk level of users and the value of the data accessed; thereby delivering your Agency a better understanding of risky behavior and the ability to automate policies to dramatically reduce the quantity of alerts that require investigation.

Using Forcepoint DLP and Forcepoint UEBA in tandem provides agencies with the ability to maintain optimum workday efficiency and confidence that Forcepoint DLP enforcement policies will automatically adjust if account behavior begins to exhibit activity out of the norm.

User activity monitoring and insider threat protections expand Risk-Adaptive Data Protection by capturing technically observable human behaviors. This includes policy violations, compliance incidents, or malicious acts that may be warning signs of an impending breach. Forcepoint Insider Threat solutions provide all the details, insight, and complete context using video replay to immediately assess the severity of the threat, remediate the problem, and build the policies to prevent it from happening in the future.

Cost savings and increases in efficiencies and perimeter security are achieved by cutting network expenses by as much as 50%, increasing deployment up-to 70% faster, and reducing breaches by up-to 69% — Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) provides the security protection your Agency requires with the peace of mind that allows you to reallocate budget and resources to other critical security tasks.

Stop the most advanced, non-signature threats as you move to and operate in a cloud environment. Protect your users against multistage advanced threats that often exploit email to penetrate your IT defenses with Forcepoint Email Security. Forcepoint Web Security’s cutting-edge classification engine, global threat intelligence, advanced malware detection and DLP work together for industry-leading security that’s easy to deploy in the cloud, on-premises or in a hybrid environment. FedRAMP In Process

WEBINAR: To learn more about how your agency can leverage the CDM DEFEND (Dynamic and Evolving Federal Enterprise Network Defense) Phase 3 task order to achieve Risk-Adaptive Data Protection, watch the webinar with our team of experts. 

For additional information contact your Forcepoint CDM team.

Stacey Winn

Stacey Winn is a Sr Manager with Forcepoint’s Global Government & Critical Infrastructure team. She has more than 20 years of experience in the software development industry, the majority of that time focusing on cross domain and cybersecurity solutions for global government customers. Ms...

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