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Raytheon Introduces SureView Suite


Thursday, Apr 16, 2015

New capabilities will change how companies detect, contain and control cyber threats.

Despite decades of efforts, cybersecurity breaches are inevitable. So how an organization operates during a breach and how it extricates itself are critical.

Raytheon developed the new SureView product suite with a combination of capabilities we acquired and unique technologies developed in-house to protect our own systems and data. SureView uniquely combines human and machine learning to prevent insider threats, reduce the amount of time an external threat remains in an organization’s network, and provide actionable intelligence that enables quick mitigation.

“Raytheon’s approach is based on the assumption that sooner or later everyone will experience a breach,” said Jon Oltsik, senior analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. “Raytheon has focused its SureView product portfolio on addressing cybersecurity prevention, detection, and response while many other vendors concentrate on prevention alone.”

Products within the SureView portfolio, which can operate independently or together, include:

  • SureView Insider Threat, which provides unprecedented visibility, rich data content and contextual awareness of user activity.
  • SureView Threat Protection, which detects zero-day attacks, including advanced persistent threats, via an open platform covering web, email and endpoints.
  • SureView Analytics,  which enables rapid search and analysis of disparate databases, without requiring data reformatting, to find and deliver visualizations of hidden relationships, patterns, and anomalies.
  • SureView Memory Integrity, which provides visibility into Linux environments to detect presence of malware in memory that may have penetrated all other defenses.

SureView up close with Ed Hammersla 


Ed, can you give us some background on the environment that precipitated the creation of the SureView suite?


Ed Hammersla: Today, there are countless targeted attacks inflicting harm on markets, industry and critical infrastructure. Well-funded, nation state adversaries often launch these attacks and with the headlines we see, it’s clear that the old approach of building a hardened perimeter has failed. Lots of other tools have been put into use to try and stem the tide, such as SIEM. They provide dashboards and data, which can look impressive. But these tools lack the analytic capabilities cyber analysts need to make decisions and take action.


So, what do enterprises need in this environment?


Ed Hammersla: Combating cyber threats requires a holistic and analytics-based cybersecurity program that enables decision-making and action. There’s a hard realization that enterprises need to come to: That 100% prevention is next to impossible. Instead, organizations need to better manage risk, secure their intellectual property and protect their brands. Of course, at the same time, enterprise CISOs have a directive to reduce the costs and complexity of cybersecurity. How can they do all of that? They need a unified view of their complete enterprise that enables them to take action.


So, how does Raytheon SureView differ from competitive offerings?


Ed Hammersla: Well, unlike our competitors, we own a broad portfolio of technologies that address a comprehensive set of cybersecurity challenges. The SureView product suite delivers the analytical tools that enable analysts to identify, understand and quickly act upon security information. SureView provides the insight and context – at both the human and machine levels – necessary to enable decision-making and action.

For more information on the SureView product suite, and all of Raytheon’s cybersecurity capabilities, follow us on Twitter @raytheoncyber.

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