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Francisco Partners to Acquire Forcepoint from Raytheon Technologies.

Thursday, Apr 16, 2015

Raytheon Launches


Gives Customers Resources and Products to Stay Ahead of the Threat

Experts forecast there will be five billion connected devices by the end of this year and 25 billion in 2020. In a world where everything is connected, everything is also vulnerable to cyber attacks. That's where we come in.

Raytheon has been a cybersecurity leader for more than 30 years, and we've expanded our industry-leading capabilities through 17 acquisitions in the past ten. We understand the dynamic challenges and amazing opportunities that come with a more connected world. We have secured the most complex systems in this contested environment and we share this expertise with our customers, including our growing enterprise commercial clients.

We're proud to launch this dedicated cybersecurity resource, which we hope gives our government and commercial enterprise customers access to the Raytheon expertise and knowledge that will help them stay ahead of the threat in today's connected world.

Some of the exciting features of include:

  • Cyber Blog — showcasing the unique point of view of experts that are in the front lines of cyber defense, talent development and industry changes.
  • Events — hear from our experts and see our cyber solutions in action at an industry or customer event near you.
  • Resources — learn about the latest industry surveys and studies, white papers on innovative cyber topics and information on our solutions.
  • Cyber Careers — we put a spotlight on recruiting and community outreach events, the amazing cyber talent within the company, and why it's great to work at Raytheon.

Keep an eye on and our new Raytheon Cyber social channels on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+. We'll be sharing a wide range of InfoSec-related content including noteworthy announcements, thought leadership, research and industry insights.

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