August 23, 2017

Reflections on 2017 DoDIIS Worldwide Conference

Stacey Winn

After having a few days to speak with colleagues and reflect on DoDIIS Worldwide 2017 one thing stands out above all others – this year was different. From conversations in the conference hotel lobby – which served only to jump-start the networking buzz that carried through the week – to the rousing and impassioned opening addresses from Ms. Janice Glover-Jones, CIO Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and Lieutenant General Vincent Stewart, USMC, Director DIA, the message was clear: we are in the midst of 5th generation warfare – a cognitive warfare – in which we are fighting for information dominance in the protection of the United States, our Allies and the values we hold dear. And we ALL have a role to play!

Because of (and perhaps as a result of) this cognitive war being waged in cyberspace where there are no borders or boundaries, there must be more cohesive partnerships between agencies and the Five-Eyes partner nations with non-traditional nations and the private sector. From the private sector perspective we are challenged to form partnerships as much with each other as we do with our customers so that we bring our government partners robust solutions that work together in support of their missions.

We cannot win this fight alone or in silos!

Part of this call to action in support of the conference theme of “Dominating Cyberspace Against Persistent Threats,” is for all of us to remember that we must not eliminate people from this process. As Lieutenant General Stewart stated: we “need the human mind to review and execute” this mission with the technology working to support and advance.

As I look at that from a Forcepoint perspective I see our human-centric focus very clearly.

With Forcepoint solutions and professional services, agencies and defense forces can confidently and securely execute their missions by ensuring the security of critical data as it moves between networks and the cloud, and that data is accessible across an array of systems and devices.

Forcepoint’s portfolio of intelligent systems provides the means to understand the flow of data across your enterprise to better ensure that critical data is secure everywhere it goes. While also understanding the norms of every individual – the rhythm of people and how they interact with data – in order to identify the outliers -- those behaviors that can indicate a person is stressed, careless or being falsely represented by another person or malware.

Forcepoint enables customers to refocus their cybersecurity approach on the only clear constant: people as they interact with critical data and IP. Forcepoint enforces the importance of having the right data at the right time and ensures that the data is secure with its integrity intact – thereby protecting our cyber warriors with security and safeguards built in so that they can focus on their primary missions.

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Jumanji and his partner Marcus (a Forcepoint Sr. Sales Engineer) were very happy to meet so many of you and share how service dogs are helping veterans with PTSD. Marcus and his devoted service dog provided a very physical reminder of the men and women who fight these battles every day.

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Integrated Solutions

To learn more about Forcepoint and see how our portfolio of intelligent systems is enabling users to securely pursue their national security missions, visit our website or contact your Client Executive.

  • Support global missions with seamless and secure Cross Domain access and transfer solutions – even on the move.
  • Identify high risk user behaviors to stop insider theft and the exfiltration of critical data caused by malicious or accidental user activity with User Activity Monitoring (UAM) for Data Protection
  • Protect critical data located everywhere, from on-premises to the cloud and stop determined web attacks with advanced threat protection and prevent unwanted email, suspicious spam and malware attachments with Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) / Web & Email Security
  • Protect mission-critical networks and applications from sophisticated external attackers with Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) / Evader Network Security
  • Harness analytics that employ virtual data warehousing, federated search, and powerful algorithms for automated information discovery to respond to cyber threats, fraud and other criminal activity while they are happening

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Stacey Winn

Stacey Winn is a Sr Manager with Forcepoint’s Global Government & Critical Infrastructure team. She has more than 20 years of experience in the software development industry, the majority of that time focusing on cross domain and cybersecurity solutions for global government customers. Ms...

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