March 2, 2016

RSA Conference Recap: Day One

Susan Helmick

We sat down with Forcepoint Chief Information Security Officer Dave Barton and asked him to give us a recap of day one at the RSA Conference. This is what he had to say:

Whether it's here at the conference or out and about, customers are concerned about a lot of the same things. The key issues they are facing involve transformative technologies like the Internet of Things and cloud. More than anything, it's the amount of data that they have to sift through to get through to what's important. This most commonly involves trying to get visibility into activities on their network and around their data: Who's using what and why; where is it going; how is it getting there. This is very consistent with what we're seeing in the vendor space as well.

Another key theme that resonates here at RSA is around cyber insurance. Josh Douglas and I will be speaking today around what we believe the future holds for cyber insurance. As all of us are aware, it's a very immature market and it is very difficult to ensure that premiums are reasonable. With car insurance, insurance companies ask questions about age, education, and driving record, etc. and mapping all of this information calculate a premium. What we don't have for cyber insurance is a clear methodology to develop premiums for organizations while at the same time ensuring they have the right protection. We'll cover how the industry is changing, what that will mean for the CISO community and how organizations can acquire the right cyber insurance for their needs.

To hear more, join Forcepoint CISO David Barton and CTO Joshua Douglas today Wednesday, March 2, in Moscone North Hall, conference Room 133 at 11:30 am where they will discuss the topic “Assessing Risk: CSOs and Cyber Insurance.”  This presentation will address one of the most important challenges facing enterprises and industries: how to weigh the pros and cons of insuring against the potential fallout of a cyber-disaster.

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