March 3, 2016

RSA Conference Recap: Day Three

Susan Helmick

On RSA’s final day Forcepoint’s Bob Hansmann and Jim Fulton give their take on the conference experience.

How long have you been attending RSA and how has it changed?

Jim Fulton, senior director, product marketing: Fifteen years. It's much more mainstream than ever before, because cyber security is a lot more mainstream. It’s also fundamentally busier.

Bob Hansmann, director, security technologies: About 20 years. Attendees are more serious and not just running around looking for swag. The caliber of attendee and the questions they pose are definitely up from previous years. Our theater presentation was packed up to the last session.

What are the themes you've seen throughout your discussions this week?

Jim and Bob: Throughout the week, we’ve seen a focus on three things. Organizations are particularly interested in being able to safely adopt new technology, things like IoT and cloud. We had a lot of great questions concerning learning more about mitigating insider threats aside from simply using DLP. Lastly, reducing complexity is a big deal. We've seen a lot of frustration around point solutions. Teams are just overloaded with security solutions. People are also very excited that we have a unified management with our TRITON solutions.

Something we were both really excited to see was that people embraced our motto - Forward Without Fear. So many organizations use fear to drive what they are selling, but it is refreshing to hear that a security organization wants to help get people back to business. As with any major conference, there is a sea of grey noise, and many ideas or brands don’t generally stand out. More than ever before, we've heard that we stand out and that is something we're so enthusiastic about. We can't wait to continue telling our story.


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