March 19, 2010

Securosis Provides Great Counsel with "Quick Wins with DLP"


SecurosisSecurosis provides some great information on DLP in a recent blog posting.

As background: In September 2009, Nemertes Research said that 33 percent of businesses are using DLP products. Another 21 percent plan to adopt DLP in the next 24 months. Twenty-four percent are evaluating or planning to evaluate DLP solutions. The research firm says that DLP should reach an 80 percent adoption rate within the next two years (from eWeek).

Companies are adopting DLP for a variety of reasons, with compliance being the strongest. In the largest companies, where DLP adoption is strongest, compliance drives spending and security decisions in more than 75 percent of participants in their research (from NetworkWorld).

Despite this, many others have yet to fully assess the full value that DLP can provide to their organization.  Of those considering a DLP Suite, one of the criticisms about installing a DLP within an organization is that it can be a costly, complex challenge for IT managers.

Fortunately, there are ways to gain a quick return on investment from implementing  DLP.

In this recent postSecurosis Analyst, Rich Mogull, outlines a "Quick Wins" approach to DLP – a plan of action designed to establish a flexible management process, assess information and profit quickly from a DLP deployment.

“Thus by following the Quick Wins process you can show immediate results while establishing the foundations of your program, all without overwhelming yourself by forcing unprepared action on all possible alerts before you understand information usage patterns.”

Quite simply, these are good, solid recommendations, and a great plan for organization to consider. This is actually the third of  of three pieces on the topic. Part 1 of this series on Low Hanging Fruit: Quick Wins with DLP is a great primer, then followed by how to integrate with your directory servers and major infrastructure.

Websense is committed to working with IT professionals to decrease the complexity of Websense Data Security Solutions installations and help organizations gain a faster ROI.


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