March 23, 2015

Shopping for a DLP Solution? Ask Yourself These Five Questions First


We will never be 100 percent successful in keeping people out of our systems.

So said Dr. Charles Romine, Director of the Information Technology Laboratory, at the U.S. Department of Commerce in remarks to a Senate Committee just days before Anthem, Inc., the nation’s second-largest health insurance company, announced a data breach affecting up to 80 million customers.

Attack after attack on businesses and organizations worldwide have made it clear: no amount of network security will ever completely protect any organization. No one, not even U.S. government, can stop an adversary who is ultimately determined to get in.

If breaches are all but inevitable, what’s an organization to do? No security solution is totally impregnable. But there are steps any organization can take to reduce the risk of deliberate data theft and accidental data exposure. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) enables businesses to significantly reduce their data security risk, and implementation doesn’t need to be complex or expensive.

No matter the industry, simply answering a few key questions before shopping for a DLP solution will allow you to better ascertain and implement critical data protection needs.

Key questions to ask and answer BEFORE shopping for a DLP solution:

·     What are your biggest concerns? (Regulatory compliance, intellectual property protection, cybersecurity)

·     What is the critical data you’re trying to secure? (IP, PII, etc.)

·     What’s the estimated financial business impact of that data being stolen or exposed?]

·     What are the biggest risks to your data? (Sharing data, BYOD, phishing attacks, etc.)

·     Do you use Microsoft Office 365 or are you adopting other cloud collaboration services in the near future?

You’ve answered the necessary questions, now what? That’s where the Websense team of data security consultants come in. We can review your data security requirements, create a high level risk reduction plan and recommend a set of appropriate DLP controls. We can also recommend solution partners to guide you through the deployment and business integration process.

Take control; protect your company’s reputation and bottom line. For more information visit:

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