November 14, 2017

Start Anywhere: Human-Centric Cybersecurity for Today's Zero Perimeter World


It’s time to rethink cybersecurity. Today Forcepoint is pleased to announce a different approach to a critical question being asked by today’s organizations: how do you protect your people (wherever they choose to do their work) and your data (wherever it resides), without frustrating end users or overwhelming IT departments and SOCs? With the Human Point System, we offer purpose-built solutions to provide a next generation cybersecurity solution.

The human point is the intersection of people, networks and data. At Forcepoint, our mission is aligned with our customers to focus on protecting organizations and the people they represent and serve by protecting against data losses and breaches. So, how do you secure a world in which the perimeter has all but vanished, and the attack surface continues to spread? We do this by focusing on human behavior and intent.

Too many cybersecurity solutions are based on a yes or no, black or white system of decision-making. But at Forcepoint we understand that people aren’t built that way. Human behavior is never black and white, circumstances are fluid, and people aren’t made of 1s and 0s. An intelligent cybersecurity framework should be nuanced, like the people it is designed to protect. This is what we mean when we say that the Human Point System is focused on the rhythm of your people and the flow of your data.

By protecting the human point, Forcepoint is securing regulated data everywhere people work, protecting intellectual property with visibility and control over how people create, move, and use data, and adapting those protections based on user risk by analyzing user behavior and the value of the data they touch.

We know our customers are on a journey to get to the best level of security possible – and we recognize that it’s a process. Forcepoint’s Human Point System capabilities are developed with that in mind, so wherever you are on your journey we can help you make a confident next step. You might choose to implement a single product (Forcepoint DLP for example) or multiple, integrated technologies that fit within an existing cybersecurity environment (perhaps by adding Forcepoint UEBA capabilities to understand human behavior across the network and flag anomalies in real time). Or, a customer may choose to add Forcepoint CASB with DLP for the ability to discover and protect data in the cloud and control access to cloud apps, and then add UEBA over time. Together these capabilities protect the human point as people interact with data across disparate networks.

Learn more about our UEBA, CASB, and NGFW:






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