November 14, 2017

Supporting Global Governments Missions through an integrated Human Point System

Stacey Winn

Forcepoint continues to provide unparalleled support of our Global Governments’ customers’ missions through partnerships, trusted advisory, and integrated Human Point System. Our solutions allow customers to: anticipate and resolve emerging national security challenges, continue to strengthen national technological superiority, provide expansive mission capability and flexibility; ultimately helping our nation’s commanders and cyber warriors protect personnel, missions and the data and systems that support them.

From new customer engagements to continued support of long-standing customers, Forcepoint’s solutions and professional services consistently deliver unmatched functional capabilities, cost savings and enterprise efficiencies. Data Loss Prevention, User Activity Monitoring, Network Security, Cloud Security and Cross Domain Solutions are providing user, data and network protection while helping agencies transform and modernize with a human centric security system. In fact, Forcepoint’s Web Security, Email Security, DLP and NGFW solutions can now be found on the Continuous Diagnostic and Mitigation (CDM) Approved Products List for Phase 3.

New engagements show the strength throughout the Human Point System. Forcepoint’s ability to consistently and thoroughly win against the competition through exhaustive and competitive proofs of concept, meeting and exceeding technical and non-technical requirements.

As a recognized leader for User Activity Monitoring, Forcepoint continues to expand within the Federal government. Forcepoint’s solutions demonstrate superior usability and effectiveness through direct customer evaluation against the competition.

Forcepoint Next Generation Firewall beat out the competition with the team’s ability to demonstrate how the solution would address the customer’s capacity and asymmetric routing issues experienced with their current firewall technology. 

Forcepoint Trusted Thin Client out-performed the competition with superior ability to support mission needs:

  • Support for multilevel voice, video and data access between global remote and landed personnel (from “ship to shore”) for streamlined and secure communications to ensure mission interoperability
  • Common Access Card integration with pass-through tokens
  • Ease of implementation with industry-standard virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technologies
  • Enterprise scalability through the ability to quickly increase endpoints and networks without limits and without local administration and downtime
  • Centralized management console capabilities allows for less on-site support – both vendor FTEs on-site and agency personnel – and management than competitive solutions

Forcepoint High Speed Guard further showcases Forcepoint’s best-in-class, US UCDSMO Baseline listed solutions with proven Assessment & Authorization (A&A) history and professional services to gain successful Authorities To Operate (ATO) in a timely manner. This pedigree has allowed High Speed Guard to replace competitive solutions that have struggled with A&A.

Ongoing confidence in Forcepoint technology is highlighted with the expansion of existing engagements. One such example is the browse down, write down and federated search capability, supported by an integrated Forcepoint WebShield and Forcepoint Trusted Gateway System, which permit seamless reach across differently classified enclaves. These systems and long-standing program serve the human point – where users, data and networks intersect – by enabling secure lines of communication and data exchange for more than 200,000 operational users.

Another example is the expansion of Trusted Thin Client, Trusted Gateway System and Trusted Print Delivery to an additional customer data center OCONUS which will support regional personnel as well as connect OCONUS and CONUS enterprises. This engagement is meeting customer requirements through a consolidated solution that delivers:

  • Exchange of large volumes of data
  • Flexible and consistent update of customer’s architecture and applications (streamlining system patching across security levels)
  • Network and information security to counter external and insider threats
  • The ability to leverage existing fixed infrastructure for baselining mission systems
  • Reduction in sustainment costs while addressing increased information assurance (IA) requirements:
    • Use of commodity hardware
    • Automated installation, patching and reduction of software drift
    • Firewalled individual virtual machines (VMs)
    • Enforced security groups to limit access by specific roles
    • Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) construct that moves data to centralized locations for increased security and control

As Forcepoint continues to support the US and Five-Eyes nations with superior integrated solutions, we are also developing a new line of cross domain solutions, based on the same high assurance security principles (trusted operating system, segmentation, role separation, etc.). This range is fully reimagined, newly engineered, and specifically designed to meet US government requirements permitting use and sale beyond the Five-Eyes.

Stacey Winn

Stacey Winn is a Sr Manager with Forcepoint’s Global Government & Critical Infrastructure team. She has more than 20 years of experience in the software development industry, the majority of that time focusing on cross domain and cybersecurity solutions for global government customers. Ms...

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