December 10, 2018

To The Point Cybersecurity episode 10

Does government need to rethink the concept of digital trust?

On this week’s episode of To the Point Cybersecurity, Eric and Arika are joined by Forcepoint’s Chief Scientist Dr. Richard Ford to discuss his recent research around trust and the concept of encouraging the government to rethink data management by embracing a trust-based architecture in a consistent and broad manner.

Dr. Ford discusses his belief that applying trust in cybersecurity is a secret weapon, as it allows us to extend (or revoke) rights to individuals based on how much we trust them. He also shares how cyber tools are evolving to be more dynamic with built-in trust scores. Dr. Ford shares how this results in a closed loop system that doesn’t only provide an alert when something suspect is happening–but also allows for an instant adjustment to access levels based on behaviors. Dr. Ford sharing his thoughts on the differences between risk and trust and what those differences mean for agencies in the context of today’s threat landscape.

Find out how his research began after reading “Who Can You Trust?: How Technology Brought Us Together and Why It Might Drive Us Apart” by Rachel Botsman which describes how trust models have changed as a function of time; and what in the book moved Dr. Ford to think about the ways we fail to apply concepts of trust in computers and security.

If you’re looking for a different take on cybersecurity discussed from an insightful perspective (i.e. no tech talk), make sure to listen to this episode of #TTPCyber! 

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