August 26, 2019

Top 7 reasons successful DLP strategy starts with Forcepoint

Angelica Torres-Corral

When it comes to selecting a data loss prevention solution for your DLP strategy, whether you’re just starting out in your data security journey or have been in the business for a while, selecting a DLP means countless hours of research sifting through data sheets and industry reports. But how do you know which one is the right one for your organization?

The reality is, no two DLP solutions are the same. While they are all designed to protect data leakage from your enterprise, the way in which a vendor does this differs drastically. Let’s talk about how Forcepoint provides best-in-class enterprise data protection.

1. DLP Strategy Wherever Your Data is  

Many DLP strategies are limited to visibility of data on-premises only - in databases, network servers, email. In migrating to the cloud, organizations increasingly lose sight and control of critical data. For those in regulated industries or partnering with regulated industries, this can pose a risk of compliance violation. Forcepoint can provide a clear view to where your data resides and where/how/by whom it is being accessed - whether it resides on-prem or in popular cloud applications such as Salesforce, G-Suite, Box, or Office 365.

2. Unified DLP Policies to Protect Everywhere

If you’re like most organizations, you’ve dealt with the headache of having to create multiple policies and manually deploy them across different channels – one for network, one for endpoints, one for cloud -- repeating this for every policy. It impacts admin productivity and drives long implementation timelines. Forcepoint’s unified DLP policy management allows you to create and deploy one policy that enforces across all channels – network, endpoints and cloud.

3. Best-in-Class DLP Compliance

We regularly read headlines about large enterprises that have fallen victim to data breaches that violate compliance regulations such as GDPR. Regardless of the size of your business or where you’re located geographically, you’ll want to be prepared, not only today but for tomorrow’s expansion. Forcepoint’s robust library of over 2,000 out-of-the box policies brings you quick time to value, simply fine tuning DLP policies in play -- versus having to create compliance policies from scratch. Forcepoint can rapidly drive your DLP strategy to compliance.

4. Pervasive DLP Training

Data loss prevention strategy is an ongoing effort that impacts the entire business. Fatigue, multi-tasking, and pressure to be timely in responding to requests can easily lead to mistakes. Forcepoint’s DLP tools allow organizations to build ongoing security awareness through tools such as employee coaching for ongoing self-remediation of risk and reporting capabilities. 

5. Award-winning Data Protection

Whether it’s SC Magazine or CRN Tech Innovators, our commitment to providing game-changing solutions has been leading the industry by providing machine learning and automation to protect data. What else would you expect from a 9x Gartner DLP MQ leader?

6. Continued Innovation and Investment

With consolidation in the security space, data breaches in the forefront of the news cycle, and uncertainty in the marketplace, it might be time to consider your overall data security strategy. Forcepoint continues to invest in providing new security services that address the evolving modern digital enterprise – you are welcome to learn more from our CEO.   

7. Automation with Analytics

Forcepoint is the first and only solution in the market that can detect anomalous user behavior, and scale policies dynamically – permissive at low risk behavior, blocking at high risk behavior in real time. Forcepoint enables an adaptive DLP strategy, providing individualized adaptive data security to unleash productivity for your business.

Selecting a new or alternative DLP solution can feel like an overwhelming task. But it doesn’t have to be. Whether you are instituting a new data protection program or taking a look at your DLP strategy, Forcepoint can drive your cyber resiliency to support your organization’s unique needs. Contact us to schedule your personal demo with one of our experts.


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