August 4, 2015

Unified Against Insider Threats

Kristina McHale

Raytheon/Websense and Booz Allen partner to protect enterprises large and small.

As information networks become increasingly connected, IT decision makers focus more than ever on protecting employees and their enterprises from growing security threats. External threats command much attention, but internal cybersecurity breaches are becoming more common, forcing organizations to look for intelligence-driven tools and processes. The goal: to protect themselves and provide a 360-degree view of their information systems.

Raytheon|Websense has entered into a strategic alliance with Booz Allen Hamilton — a leading provider of management consulting, technology, and engineering services to the U.S. government, corporations and nonprofits — to help clients combat these threats. To proactively defend enterprises from insider risks, Booz Allen's Insider4Sight™ consulting and integration services combined with Raytheon|Websense's SureView® Insider Threat solution will provide a holistic approach to insider threat detection and incident management.

Internal security breaches are most often accidental and a result of employee negligence. For instance, a new employee might post online about his or her new company. Suddenly, that employee and organization become targets of a phishing attack. The actions may be inadvertent, but they are just as harmful to enterprises as intentional and malicious attacks.

The blended expertise of Raytheon|Webense — the largest provider of insider threat products to the U.S. government — and Booz Allen will offer clients a scalable and easy-to-use insider threat solution, allowing enterprises to proactively prepare for, detect, mitigate and respond to these threats.

By integrating these capabilities, Raytheon|Websense and Booz Allen are delivering an increased awareness of client organizational strengths and weaknesses, allowing leadership to properly assess and create more comprehensive incident response plans.

To learn more about Booz Allen's Insider4Sight visit Read more about the latest Raytheon|Websense-commissioned Ponemon Institute survey, "The Unintentional Insider Risk in United States and German Organizations."

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