July 8, 2010

Websense Introduces “DLP for Download” – the Fastest and Easiest Way to Deploy Enterprise-Class Data Loss Prevention

Unprecedented rapid deployment available today at Websense.com;  removes DLP (Data Loss Prevention) adoption barriers; increases time to effectiveness and shrinks DLP deployment time to a matter of minutes

SAN DIEGO, July 8, 2010 - Websense, Inc. (NASDAQ: WBSN), a global leader in unified Web, data and email security solutions, today announced the availability of “DLP for Download,” the Websense® industry leading Data Security Suite that can be downloaded , installed and deployed in a matter of minutes from Websense.com.

Even though data breaches cost companies millions of dollars, DLP solutions have not been broadly adopted because they have been extremely complex to install.  These traditional first-generation solutions take months and hundreds of hours to deploy. Websense changes all of that with DLP for Download, which provides industry-leading, enterprise-class protection that can be downloaded and installed in just 30 minutes. With dramatically faster time-to-implementation and drastically lower total cost of ownership, this critical technology is finally ready for mass adoption in enterprises and midsize businesses.

The problem is not abating. Data breaches (such as the recent Aurora attacks on Google and other companies) routinely appear in today’s headlines. Such attacks target confidential and proprietary company data, and experts say that in many cases the costs of such breaches runs in the millions of dollars for investigation, fines and litigation. In a recent study, the Ponemon Institute placed the cost of certain data breaches as high as $204 per record and that such breaches cost organizations an average of $3.43 million (i).

For the first time ever, Websense DLP for Download makes data loss prevention available without a massive investment in time, resources and cost. And without the overhead of high integration and deployment costs. And without the burden of ongoing maintenance. With DLP for Download, enterprise-class protection is affordable and practical for companies that previously have not had the resources for an implementation or who faced insurmountable costs and complexity from legacy, first-generation solutions. Customers can download and evaluate the Websense DLP solution free for 30 days. It installs in approximately 30 minutes and can be easily purchased and used for a production deployment with no more than a change in the subscription key. Built-in deployment wizards guide administrators through setup and configuration, all from a single installer, while a policy-design wizard delivers point-and-click policy controls for compliance and protection of sensitive data. No other DLP solution provider provides such effectiveness and simplicity.

 “With today’s regulatory and threat landscape, data loss, whether through targeted attacks or inadvertent exposure, can be a perilous and costly event for companies, leading many to seek DLP solutions,” said Websense customer Chris Sawall, supervisor, Information Security, Ameren Services (part of Ameren Corporation, parent of the largest electric utility company in Missouri and the second largest electric utility in Illinois). “Unfortunately, these solutions are often complex and both time and resource-consuming deployments. With Websense DLP for Download, this dynamic has changed and more organizations can rapidly deploy and take advantage of the benefits of this technology in a timely and cost-efficient manner, ensuring the safety and protection of their sensitive corporate information.”

You can watch a video of Sawall describing today’s threat landscape and Ameren’s deployment of the Websense Web Security Gateway and unified Data Security Suite here.

Websense DLP for Download provides smaller companies with the same market-leading and mature technology deployed by Global 100 companies.  Mid-market and enterprises who previously thought DLP was unapproachable due to its complexity and costs can now enjoy the same level of security.

Included with the download is a step-by-step guide to getting started as well as video tutorials illustrating the installation, configuration and policy definitions. Once installed, with more than 1,100 policies and built-in templates, accessible through a wizard, customers can easily define new policies or leverage existing templates. The templates can also be filtered based on industries and geographical regions with granular filtering capabilities beyond what is currently on the market today.

“Through DLP for Download, Websense is proving our commitment to lowering the barriers and costs traditionally associated with deploying the best modern security against today’s threats,” said John McCormack, president, Websense. “This is a significant step for organizations looking to secure their businesses. We will continue to improve our already strong model of deployment, technology development and support to provide organizations the security and protection they need in today’s regulatory and threat environment.”

In addition to making standalone DLP deployable in minutes through the download program, customers benefit from the Websense TRITON™ architecture, enabling Websense to embed enterprise-class DLP directly within its market leading Web Security Gateway solutions. With Web Security Gateway Solutions, customers do not need to deploy any new DLP product at all to establish compliance controls over Web communications (e.g., Facebook and Twitter); it is simply built into their Web security product, and is expandable to the full enterprise Data Security Suite. This tight integration and unification of data and Web disciplines also provides key context and destination awareness of data, a major factor in being able to effectively apply policies for appropriate data exchange. No other Web security product integrates enterprise-class data loss prevention in a unified content security solution with this level of capability, control and flexibility. This also helps mitigate the increasing trend of data loss over the Web.

Following deployment, Websense Data Security solutions, as well as other Websense solutions using the TRITON architecture, are supported by Websense award-winning customer support and TRITON(TM) solution Customer First Initiative, a three-pronged program that includes enhanced support, training and tools, and education to help customers achieve the best security at the lowest total cost of ownership using the Websense TRITON solution.

Organizations interested in DLP for Download can visit http://www.websense.com/DownloadDLP to receive an evaluation license. This license is good for 30 days of monitoring Web and email channels for up to 500 employees. Once registered, they can download DLP and go through the step-by-step video tutorials to help guide through setup, configuration, policy definition, incident response and reporting

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