January 21, 2010

Websense Introduces First Real-Time Security Application for Facebook

Websense delivers Defensio 2.0, the first real-time threat detection system for the social Web

Organizations and individuals alike are adopting blogging platforms, social Web sites like Facebook and Twitter, and other Web 2.0 technologies at a rapid pace. In fact 59 percent of all U.S. Internet users now use social networks , 70 percent consume content on social media and social networking sites and 46 percent of Fortune 100 companies have an official company presence on Facebook today.

Unfortunately, the social nature of Web 2.0 also causes security risks to spread swiftly and claim many victims. The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission himself fell victim and accidentally spammed his friends on Facebook after mistakenly clicking on a bad link.

Today, Websense® is helping organizations and individuals protect their blogs, Facebook pages and other Web 2.0 sites through the delivery of Defensio™ 2.0, a threat detection system for the social Web that analyzes and classifies user-generated content in real-time as it is posted to blogs and Facebook pages, to protect visitors from being exposed to malicious links and spam.

Individuals and organizations with Facebook pages can visit www.defensio.com to download the free Defensio security application for Facebook. It runs on the Facebook page in real-time, scanning and analyzing content posted to the page – including wall posts, comments, third-party applications and links – to look for security threats and spam. If a threat is identified, the Defensio application alerts the Facebook page owner so they may remove it and prevent their online friends and fans from being exposed to the risk.

Whereas other security applications are designed to help clean a users’ computer after it has been infected, the Defensio application from Websense is the first proactive security measure that helps prevent users from ever being exposed to the threat in the first place.

Click to watch the video on Defensio 2.0 to learn more: 

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How Defensio 2.0 Helps Websense Customers

As one of the technologies in the Websense ThreatSeeker® Network, the Defensio threat detection system is integrated into the very fabric of the social Web – scanning content in real-time on blogs, on Facebook pages, and also scanning shortened URLs through a Websense partnership with bit.ly. In essence, the Defensio technology sits on the “front lines” of the fight against online threats by being a part of Web 2.0 sites and social networks where online threats often first emerge.

All the security intelligence captured by Defensio and the ThreatSeeker Network is incorporated directly into other Websense products, including Websense Web Security Gateway. In this way, Websense customers receive real-time protection from even the newest threats that are emerging on the social Web before they spread and become a broader security concern.

To learn more about Websense Web Security Gateway and how it helps organizations enable safe access to Web 2.0, click here.

Protect your Facebook page today by visiting www.websense.com.

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