May 4, 2010

Websense Secures the "Borderless" Enterprise with Web Security Gateway Anywhere



Today’s organizations are becoming “borderless” – employees are working remotely, in branch offices and more and more business operations are done over the Web. With so much at risk in terms of new advanced data-stealing threats, organizations absolutely need to have uniform security policies no matter where an employee is located. Today, Websense announced the new Websense® Web Security Gateway Anywhere™, a secure Web gateway that delivers industry firsts in threat and risk prevention and deployment capabilities.

Websense Web Security Gateway Anywhere is the only solution on the market that offers both on-premise and Saas capabilities in one unified solution, with just one console to manage. This saves, time, resources and overhead while delivering the absolute best security protection against today’s modern threats.

Some of the new capabilities now include:

  • The only Web gateway to combine the power of on-premise deployment with the flexibility of a full Security-as-a-Service (SaaS). This hybrid deployment option that enables enterprises to protect remote offices and mobile workers just as effectively as a corporate headquarters. With a hybrid deployment, security administrators can set policies using a single, unified interface
  • The first and only Web gateway to include full data loss prevention capabilities. With just a few clicks from the same administration console, organizations can proactively enforce data policies to meet regulatory requirements, detect, and protect sensitive information from leaving the organization. This is critical for organizations as data loss over the Web is one of the most pervasive concerns today, with 58 percent of all data-stealing attacks conducted over the Web.  
  • The first and only DLP and Web gateway system  to be unified on virtualized appliances with availability on the existing V10000™ V-series appliance as well as the newly added and just announced  Websense V5000™ appliance for branch office and medium business deployments.

Building on its best in class secure Web gateway features and functionality, the Websense Web Security Gateway Anywhere boasts new enhancements, including several new major scanning and reporting enhancements:

Scanning of Rich Internet Applications
Websense has added security threat scanning of rich Internet applications such as Flash, Silverlight and Java, to detect and block malicious content. 

Tunneled Protocol Detection
In the latest version, all tunneled applications over the port 80 and 443 can be detected by with the http and https proxies within Web Security Gateway solutions. This includes the following applications.
P2P and IM protocols like Skype, Kazaa, or Yahoo IM
Enterprise applications such as “Webified” Oracle
SSL encrypted applications such as GoogleWave

Web Security Analytics & URL Category Enhancements - Phone home malware detection
Malware prevention capabilities in Secure Web Gateways are critical as more malware moves to Web distribution and control methods. In previous versions, Websense detected botnets based on the destination URL. In this version, Websense has added inspection of outbound traffic with signature matching for greater accuracy and broader detection of malware.

URL Link Analysis (Image Search Scanning Enhancement)
Image search engines frequently bypass objectionable content filters. These engines present thumbnails of images and links to the content. In version 7.5, new link analysis capabilities analyze links on such dynamically generated pages to determine whether or not the content (both thumbnails and links) should be classified as objectionable and blocked according to policy. YouTube, Bing, Google, Yahoo images and video searches can be classified with a high degree of accuracy.

Websense has also announced today the TRITON Customer First Initiative, which includes enhanced support, training and tools to help customers receive the maximum benefits from their Websense solutions.

Today, Websense is the fastest growing SaaS security provider.  What other security companies aspire to – and what customers are clamoring for – Websense is actually delivering now, with the Web Security Gateway Anywhere. Websense has completely changed the dynamics of enterprise security by being the first to integrate Web, data and email security solutions and has completely rewritten the old rules of the SaaS vs. on-premise debate.


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