July 30, 2011

Websense Security Labs Weekly Video

Websense Security Labs

Recently the Websense Security Labs™ began posting a weekly video series. It provides a quick look at what they are working or what's hot in security research for that week. The team, which are recognized worldwide for their threat expertise and research, posts these quick insights every week at the Security Labs home page. Archived episodes can be found by clicking on the video player and scrolling across the bottom.

This week, Stephan Chenette and Elad Sharf talk about a recent event in which the Security Labs provided customers a hands on training experience, sharing how our researchers analyze and understand threats on the web. This week's video is featured here, on the Security Labs blog. 

You can also follow this weekly video series, along with Websense Security Labs Alerts by subscribing to this RSS feed -- so you don't miss any breaking security news.

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