December 8, 2011

Websense Supports Freedom of Expression, Joins the Global Network Initiative

Michael Newman

I’m pleased to announce that Websense, along with  Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Evoca is now a member of the Global Network Initiative (GNI). GNI is dedicated to protecting and advancing the human rights of freedom of expression and privacy. Read today’s press release from GNI for more information.

Joining GNI is another step in Websense’s ongoing program to advance the cause of public access to information. If you are interested in this topic and missed it, read my post last month about the improper use of technology by oppressive regimes.

For years Websense has been committed to the principle that broad public access to information and the freedom to create and communicate ideas are critical to the advancement of knowledge, economic opportunity, and human potential. We do not support the use of our software for the purposes of government censorship and do not sell to governments for the purposes of censorship. Websense has been highly transparent in our position on censorship (read the full text of our anti-censorship policy). 

In closing, I reiterate our encouragement to other companies to join us in our commitment to empower freedom of online expression and speech.

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