March 30, 2011

What is “content security” and who put Websense at the “center” of it?


Leading market research firm IDC just reported that Websense is at the center of “content security” convergence. At Websense, are obviously pleased with this conclusion.  We’ve spent the last six years transforming our portfolio and company from a nice-to-have URL filter to a mission-critical content security solution.  So IDC’s affirmation is music to our ears.  But many security professionals might be wondering: just what exactly is content security? How is it different from traditional security? And why should I care? So let’s take a moment to explore these questions, starting with the last question first: you should care because the traditional pillars of enterprise security—perimeter and endpoint security – are clearly no longer cutting the mustard.  In fact, talking about them takes me back to my college days preparing for the LSAT when we toyed with logical fallacies and the principle that something can be necessary, but not sufficient.   Again, just to be clear – I’m stating that both perimeter and endpoint security ARE necessary… they’re just NOT sufficient.

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